St. Louis Blues 2017-18 Season Preview

I have two quick stories that pertain to Chris Pronger and Al MacInnis – two former defensemen for the St. Louis Blues.

1. One of the first hockey sticks I ever owned is signed by Chris Pronger on the handle. It’s one of those signatures that is printed onto the stick, rather than actually being signed in real life. I still have the stick. I still use it. Yes, it’s a wooden stick.

2. I have a collector’s coin from McDonald’s to commemorate the 1998 Olympics. On one side is a picture of Rob Blake. On the other side is a picture of Al MacInnis. McDonald’s needs more fun collectibles and less plastic toys for children.

Those are my stories.


Vladimir Tarasenko – If you haven’t been paying attention, Tarasenko had 73, 74, and 75 points, respectively, in his last three seasons. He’s a superstar and he’s only 25.

Brayden Schenn – He came over from Philadelphia in the off-season and is off to a career-best pace, with 25 points in 20 games. This could finally be the team where he shines offensively.

Jaden Schwartz – He plays on the top line with Schenn and Tarasenko, which means if he stays healthy he’s looking at 65+ points this season. He doesn’t get enough recognition around the NHL.

Alex Steen – The Leafs traded him to St. Louis in 2009 along with Carlo Colaiacovo (didn’t even have to look up the spelling), for Lee Stempniak. That was a controversial trade within my friend group at the time. Ask Chris.

Notable: Paul Stastny, Robby Fabbri (Out for the season)


Alex Pietrangelo – The captain has established himself as one of the NHL’s best, as a defensive and offensive force. He has 18 points in 20 games so far, which puts his career high of 51, at risk. I say he surpasses it.

Carl Gunnarsson – Still not sure why the Leafs traded him. He’s normally on the positive side of the plus/minus category.


Jake Allen – I drafted him for my fantasy team, so he better be good. And he is! The 27-year-old has the Blues at the top of the Western Conference. Don’t get hurt, Jake.

Carter Hutton – He’s 4-0-0 this season and has allowed 8 goals in 5 games. Not bad for a backup, though he’s not the kind of guy you want to put in the net on an extended basis. If you read this, Carter, I didn’t really mean that.


1. Their team mascot is named Louie. I didn’t understand why at first. Now I realize – I’m the fool.

2. In my last university presentation, my group had to act as a restaurant trying to sell a hockey team on a sponsorship. The presentation was marked out of 10. Two of those marks were for humour. I took care of that by mentioning that we would like to name our food after players. One food I mentioned was the “Pulled Pork Pietrangelo”.

3. The St. Louis Blues have never won the Stanley Cup.


I feel like St. Louis could end up being the new San Jose Sharks – a really good team that just doesn’t have enough to win a Cup.


The St. Louis Blues are a really good team, but I liken them to the Washington Capitals. They have a really good regular season, but never make it to the Stanley Cup Final.

Perhaps this is one of the problems with a winger being your best player? (Ovechkin; Tarasenko?) I don’t know.

I fear if they don’t win a Cup within the next 3 years, they’ll have to reconstruct the makeup of their team. Heck, they might have to do that anyways.


The Blues make an impactful trade before the trade deadline.


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5 Responses to St. Louis Blues 2017-18 Season Preview

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  2. Dutch Lion says:

    I’ve got some friends from St. Louis that are huge Blues fans. I met these guys at University of Illinois. Central Illinois is a unique mix of people from Chicago, St. Louis, the Midwest, all of the world. Anyway, it’s enlightening for most of us Chicagoans because you learn that there’s a whole world out there with people that cheer for other teams. Even though it’s in Illinois, we learned that most of central and southern Illinois sports fans are St. Louis Cardinals fans, St. Louis Rams fans, or Blues fans. Having said all that, it creates huge rivalries. The Blues hate the Hawks, etc. So anyway, my point is what exactly? I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah, it’s surprising that the Blues have never won the Cup. They have had so many good teams. It must irk them that Joel Quenneville started his head coaching career in St. Louis with the Blues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      Haha I completely understand the point you’re making. When I went to school I met fans of Montreal and Ottawa and I’m thinking, “I didn’t know those people existed around these parts.” And even when I worked with kids, I’d have 15 kids in the sports program and only about 4 like the Leafs. Everyone else had their own favourite team. It’s very weird to see that.
      I think if St. Louis were in the East they’d have an easier road to the Stanley Cup. The West is just so hard.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dutch Lion says:

        It is most definitely eye-opening to travel and meet people from other parts of the country or world. So Paul, congratulations to you and the Argonauts! I watched the end of the Western Final and saw Calgary advance to the Grey Cup. The games were actually on ESPNNews here in the States and the Grey Cup is on Sunday too! I’m pumped! Good luck to you and Marc Trestman!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        Thanks! Should be a good game. I might have a blog post up later this week about it.

        Liked by 1 person

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