New York Islanders 2017-18 Season Preview

In 2007, the Islanders needed to win the final game of the season in order to make the playoffs. If they lost, the Leafs would make the playoffs.

The game went to a shootout and their goaltender, Wade Dubielewicz, was one save away from winning the game. So what did he do? He poke-checked the puck away from the player coming in on goal – not even allowing them to get a shot off.

The Islanders won. The Leafs missed the playoffs for the second year in a row.

I’m 100% certain this happened on Easter Sunday.

All of this is from memory. I have a good one.


John Tavares – This is the final year of his contract. I’m not optimistic that he stays, but what do I know? I do know that if he is surrounded by good players, he’s capable of a point-per-game pace. Unsurprisingly, he’s off to a hot start. Each game is his opportunity to increase his salary for next season.

Jordan Eberle – He came over from Edmonton in the Strome trade. He played with Tavares on Canada’s World Junior team in 2009. He’s a 5-time 20-goal scorer and this season could be a career rebirth for him.

Joshua Bailey – He’s been hovering around the “secondary scoring depth” portion of the Islanders roster for the last few seasons and I’ve always thought he could do more. He’s on the top line with Tavares now, time to step up.

Notable: Anders Lee, Mathew Barzal, Brock Nelson, Josh Ho-Sang


Nick Leddy – He is an offensive bright spot on a blue line that could use more offensive bright spots. 40+ points this season should be a given.

Thomas Hickey/Dennis Seidenberg/Calvin de Haan/Johnny Boychuk – All quality defensemen.

Notable: Ryan Pulock


Jaroslav Halak – He wasn’t very good last season and just about sunk my fantasy team, as a result. Fortunately, I pulled out a 1st place finish; Halak was sent to the minors. He’s worked his way back to the NHL and could regain the starter’s role once again.

Thomas Greiss – He’s gotten off to a poor start, which is a shame because the Islanders turned to him last season in their time of need and he helped them claw back into a playoff race when all hope seemed to be lost.


1. They missed the playoffs by one point last season, but had the same record as the Nashville Predators, who made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

2. Garth Snow is the GM and Doug Weight is the Head Coach. These guys were still playing when I was a kid. I guess I’m old. Darn.

3. They’ve made the playoffs 8 times since 1994; they were knocked out in the first round, 7 times. They get knocked down, but they get back up again, you’re never gonna keep them down.

4. The Islanders play at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It was not meant to house a hockey team, which is why there are so many obstructed view seats. It’s also why there is a car parked in the front row at one end of the arena. Seriously. Beep beep, I’m a jeep.

5. Their mascot is named Sparky the Dragon because of course he is.


Can anyone believe Garth Snow is still the GM? He has been the GM since 2006 and was preceded by a man who lasted just 41 days, seems like a bit of an over-correction keeping him around this long.


The Islanders could be in play for a Wild Card spot in the East, but so will 3-4 other teams. I’m not convinced they have enough talent to make the playoffs, but if they get their players playing up to their potential, it’ll be close.

They need more consistent goaltending this season than last. Tavares needs some running mates. And kids like Barzal and Ho-Sang need to step up.

If so, maybe they make the playoffs. Maybe. I’m not counting my chickens.


John Tavares will finish the season with 90 points.


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5 Responses to New York Islanders 2017-18 Season Preview

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    I remember the one time I got to go see an NJ Devils game. It was right after they revamped the stadium in NJ, & they were playing the NY Rangers on home ice. My friend’s boss was a season pass holder, & a very wealthy person. So, we got access to the “Fire & Ice” lounges, free food, drinks, all that jazz. Plus, seats that were about 10 rows from the ice.

    Of course, I was rocking my Ladies Fitted Devils’ jersey. I remember running into a lot of Rangers’ fans on the way to the bathroom, some of whom gave me flack. Then, I remember running into someone wearing a dirty white tee-shirt, on which, apparently, a 2-year-old scrawled the words “Islanders suck.” Everyone – Devils’ & Rangers’ fans alike – ragged on that guy. It was a real coming-together moment. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      Haha nothing brings fans of opposing teams together more than rooting against a third party. That Fire & Ice lounge sounds like fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ariel Lynn says:

        The Fire & Ice lounge was gorgeous. Plus, free food was cool! They had these little stations where you could get a nibble here & there (from what I remember).

        It might have been a special “lounge opening” event, but I was pretty jealous of my friend’s boss after seeing the amenities & seats to which he had season access.

        That’s pretty much how it works. Rangers’ fans don’t like Devils’ fans & vice-versa, but neither of them like the Islanders. LMFAO

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. Dutch Lion says:

    They don’t look so hot on paper.

    Liked by 1 person

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