Broken Record

One two three will you count with me
I’m already painting what used to be
and now I’m caught
living in an afterthought

Maybe you can fill in the gaps
with pieces that look like they fit
maybe I can fill in the gaps
and realize they’re counterfeit

Put it away
out of sight from me and you
just put it away
because there’s nothing I can do

The small things we hold so dear
slip through our hands and disappear
they leave sentences hanging on the word and
because it’s impossible to pick up each grain of sand

Are we ever allowed to feel what we once felt
black and white images slowly slide by
one by one they melt
a forced goodbye

Maybe I’m singing the songs of a broken record
though she sounds just fine to me, thank you
perhaps that is the point of this
trying to track down the runaway bliss.

Storm – Lifehouse

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14 Responses to Broken Record

  1. I love this poem, great rhythm and flow with the word choices.

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  2. Ely says:

    WHATTTTT. That is deeper than the highest star! It’s higher than the deepest darkest coldest water!
    Seriously, I’m not high don’t worry I don’t do drugs (they do me) lol no I’m kidding about them too. Love this. You have such a talent. So inspiring.

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  3. Ely says:

    The Book of Ely sounds like a Heavenly Bible written by Satan and illustrated by the Illuminati. Oh god. I shouldn’t have said that publicly. Meh.

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  4. “One two three” lord…Paul I thought you were gonna burst out into Britney Spear’s song “Three” and I got very nervous.

    Nice poem!

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  5. live3one says:

    What a good song. One of Lifehouses more underrated ones. Love the poem!!

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