I Saw It

I did something last Monday that I haven’t done in five years. Quick, think in your head what that might be. Some of you already know, so in your case, act stupid. It shouldn’t be hard. Sorry! That was a joke. But seriously, act stupid.

Time’s up.

You might want to hold onto your overalls for the big reveal. Actually, overalls aren’t really things that fly off easily, are they? Can we perform a case study on that?

Anyways, I went to a movie theatre.

The last movie I saw in theatres was the first Hunger Games film in 2012. I’m still not sure how I got talked into going to that.

If you’ve been paying attention to my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m not much of a movie person. Sure, I’ll reference Harry Potter sometimes, but notice I never go in depth?

I simply don’t remember what all of the Harry Potter movies are about. I just remember moments.

As for other films, I don’t really care.

I’ve never seen Star Wars.

Lord of the Rings is way too long for me to even think about watching.

I’ve seen one superhero film and it was Spider-Man 2.

I refer to Fast and the Furious as “Fat and Furious”, which would describe me at Pizza Hut buffet when they don’t have apple dessert pizza. Chris knows. Hey Chris!

My wheelhouse of movie knowledge lies within: Space Jam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone 1 & 2, Angels in the Outfield, and the Mighty Duck trilogy. I’m sure I’m missing some.

Basically any movie made before the year 2000. I’m an old soul. Eventually, I’ll just be old.

Throw in a bunch of sports movies and horror films I watched in high school and you have the only movies that interest me.

Oh, and the majority of the Family Channel movies between 2000 – 2008.

That’s it.

People lose their french fries over movies like Captain America and remakes of a reboot of a 40-year-old film. I don’t understand. That’s not where my interests lie.

Some people know actors and what movies they’ve been in; I know athletes and what teams they’ve played on.

If someone tells me about a movie and says, “You should watch it!”, they might as well tell me to snuggle up next to 500 mosquitos and bring chocolate strawberries because it ain’t happening.

But on Monday, I went to the movie theatre with my sister to watch It.

Remember how I said I watched horror films in high school? That was because I took a Horror Fiction class. One of the movies we watched was the 1990 version of It.

Over the last few years, I’ve collected gift certificates and coupons for the movie theatre. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m not going to complain about going to the movies for free. I’ve been waiting for a movie to catch my interest.

If it’s free, give it to me. If I have to pay, go away. – Life Motto

The movie on Monday was at 6:30. I felt like a fish out of a toilet bowl – naked and afraid. So I let my sister take the wheel. She knew to do that as soon as I asked her beforehand: “What do you even say to the person at the counter to get your ticket?”

I had my stupid pants on that day.

So we go in, and the place is deserted. No joke, my first thought was: “This is amazing. Now I can blog about how overrated the movies are and how no one goes anymore, and how I was five years ahead of this downturn.”

Then I was reminded that it was a Monday and people were probably waiting for half-price Tuesday, or a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


But the moment movie theatres start to go obsolete, I’m going to be the first one on that soapbox.

My sister went to get a buffalo chicken wrap; I went for the free popcorn and drink that came with the coupon.

I had to pay $1.10 for butter. That bothered me. In 20 years when I take my kid to the movie theatre, butter will probably cost $3.00 and I’ll go into a “Back in my day” rant.

By this point, we were still the only ones in the entire place.

And then I was introduced to a touch screen machine that dispensed soft drinks. It was the most futuristic thing I’ve seen since the spork.

You had to tap on the brand of drink you wanted and then scroll through all of the different flavours. It was very unsanitary. You know how many grubby butter fingers have probably touched that machine?

I wasn’t amused.

After a hassle and a half, coke finally filled my cup and I put a three foot straw in it. The straw was literally three feet long. Don’t ask questions.

We go to the theatre and sit above the exit. Back middle is overrated because I said so.

Sitting above the exit allows you to put your feet up. Also, I like corners. I can’t explain it. Sitting next to a wall is comfortable for me. That was a weird thing to say, wasn’t it?

No one was in the theatre. We were the first ones there.

I sat in my chair and immediately felt like I had sat on a toilet seat while the lid was up. I was sinking into a hole. These chairs reclined and had the customary fold down seat.

I insisted my chair was broken and tested out another seat in the row.

Without question, I looked like an idiot. Again, stupid pants were present.

As it turned out, I realized that I don’t actually know how to sit, and my chair wasn’t broken.

After about seven minutes, this guy appeared out of nowhere and walked down the aisle and out of the theatre.


We couldn’t stop laughing.

Mainly because I made a fool of myself with the whole “this chair is broken, I’m going to play musical chairs to find a chair that is just right” skit.

Another human being, unrelated to me, saw the whole thing.


The theatre eventually filled up. There was a grand total of 13 people in there. Are we sure movie theatres are still popular?

There were two girls who yelled at the movie screen on multiple occasions. And no, they weren’t yelling at the screen out of fear. They were using obscenities to question why certain characters would do certain things.

Oh yeah, did I mention there was a kid in there with his mom? The kid was probably 11 or 12.

Halfway through the movie, my sister nudged me and said, “Hey Paul, this girl in the next aisle is drinking her popcorn.”

At first I thought, why didn’t I think of putting my three inch straw in the popcorn to slurp up the butter. That’s genius.

Then I looked over.

She was clearly at the bottom of the bag where all the crumbs reside, and had the bag at about a 120 degree angle – essentially turning it into a ramp – and was pouring it into her mouth.

Again, we couldn’t stop laughing.

She did this for about five minutes. It was great entertainment. I was getting my money’s worth.

Reminder: I got in for free.

I should also mention, this same person was regularly on their cellphone throughout the movie. My heart ached for the buttery phone screen.

Before the movie started, I set the over/under at 3.5 people leaving the theatre during the movie. Every time someone left, I counted it on my fingers to make it official.

Five people left the theatre during the movie. They all came back, eventually.

Back when I was a kid, I got sick while watching a Harry Potter movie because I had consumed two personal pan pizzas, a small popcorn, and a large drink, by the time the previews had ended.

I know a thing or two about leaving a movie theatre mid-movie. It’s not fun. Especially when you’re sitting on the side opposite the exit.

My bag of popcorn on Monday worked up an appetite. I came home and had leftover pizza at 9PM. That’s the kind of person I am.

This is me eating popcorn. Pay close attention to the chewed up popcorn already in my mouth because that’s exactly what I want people to focus on.

Oh, about the movie.

It is about a clown who terrorizes children. It is not about an IT guy who fixes computers, and no one says “I.T. phone home.” Disappointing, I know.

By the way, I’ve never seen E.T.

Also, James Corden did a bit on his show the other night where a person in an office called for the IT guy, but Pennywise the clown showed up instead. I’m furious they beat me to that joke. I had been sitting on it since Monday.

In all seriousness, I thought the movie was really well done, but I didn’t find it scary. I think I laughed more throughout the film than I expected. Part of that was from Ms. Popcorn Drinker, but also, some lines in the film were laugh-worthy.

And movies with children who can act well, normally go over well.

I found it ironic that a clown named Pennywise lived in a house that was located in Canada (in real life), yet Canada took the penny out of circulation about four years ago.

That’s right, we don’t have pennies anymore. So the Canadian version of this clown deserves a raise, if you ask me.


You’ll all be proud to know that I didn’t check my phone once during the 2 hours and 15 minutes I was forced to stare at a big screen. Though I must admit, I was getting restless by the end. I needed to stretch my legs.

Movies should have a 7th inning stretch. Just a thought.

I’ll probably return to a theatre later this year to watch Murder on the Orient Express.

Until then, I’ll be over here saying the word “cinematography” until my lips fall off.

Have you seen It? What did you think? 

Do you have any funny stories from going to the movies?

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78 Responses to I Saw It

  1. Ashley says:

    I don’t watch a lot of movies either. Superheroes are weird and overrated. I only watched The Dark Knight because of Heath Ledger (dude who died because he got too much into the Joker.)

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  2. This was fantastic! My boyfriend wants to see IT but I have horror movies and I hate clowns. Two of the top reasons he wants to see it….but now I can tell him I’ve *basically* seen the movie so we’re all good.

    And I totally agree: over the exit is the best place to sit! Next to wall might have something to do with personal security. You know an evil clown isn’t going to be coming from that side to kill you.

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    • Paul says:

      Haha I’ve never really been afraid of clowns. I think they’re pointless, but I’ve never had a fear of them. The whole sitting next to a wall thing might have to do with the fact that I don’t have to have people sit on either side of me, so I don’t have to chair an arm rest lol.

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  3. Squid says:

    MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS COMES OUT NOVEMBER 10 AND I MUST SEE IT!! I actually had no idea that they were making it (a book with the greatest detective, Hercule Poirot, ever in it!!) in a movie, so I have to thank you with all my heart for mentioning it. Otherwise I never would have googled it and squealed my heart out. I’m a *extremely big* Agatha Christie fan, so this is the greatest news ever…
    Back on topic… The first movie I ever saw in the theater was How to Train Your Dragon in 3D with my dad and sister. I almost always go to the theater with my dad, except when it’s with my friends instead. Hmmm
    However, you have wayyy better stories than I do! 😂😂😂

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    • Paul says:

      Glad I could break the news to you! I read the book in high school and still remember we’d go around the class reading a paragraph at a time. One person butchered the pronunciation of Poirot and said “Poy-rot”. The teacher wasn’t impressed.

      I’ve never seen a movie in 3D. The whole idea that I have to wear 3D glasses is a bit ridiculous to me.

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  4. I haven’t seen IT. I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to scary movies and I get really stressed out in movie theaters. If someone is loud or on their phone it annoys me to no end. I would rather wait until I can order it on TV and eat my own damn popcorn in my own damn bed and shut the door so my husband can’t annoy me. Aren’t I a gem?

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    • Paul says:

      Lol I can completely understand that. I prefer watching tv shows and sports by myself because if too many people are around, I’ll get distracted. Never been a fan of “viewing parties” for that reason.

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  5. MagLyM says:

    I can’t believe you had to pay for butter. The last worst movie I went to was La La Land. It got rave reviews but I didn’t get it. Plus the guy next to us laughed so freaking loud over the dumbest things that I wanted to throat punch him. I know that sounds violent, but you should have heard him laugh. His laugh was as over-the-top obnoxious as the movie was. (Sorry for those that loved that dumb movie.) Very funny post!

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    • Paul says:

      The guy told me butter would be $1 extra and if I was ok with it. In my mind I said no, but out loud I said yes. And then he does his thing with the cash register and say “$1.10”. That extra 10 cents almost made me forget about getting butter altogether lol.

      Oh man, I don’t know how you survived the over the top laughing guy. I understand that people are allowed to react to movies, but this isn’t your house, keep it down a bit.

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  6. peckapalooza says:

    You’ve never seen Star Wars?! This is more appalling (a-Paul-ing?) than the time you claimed to have never eaten a taco. By the way, I am that guy who knows nothing about sportsball players or teams, but I am a walking IMDB.

    I actually saw It twice last weekend. Treated myself to the matinee on Friday, then went again with a couple friends Sunday night. The Friday show only had about 20 people in it. But, sorry to burst your movies-are-on-their-way-out bubble, Sunday night was packed. In fact, we got there late, so we were forced to sit three rows from the screen. On the plus side, it was like watching an IMAX movie. I thought It was really good. Definitely not as scary as I thought it would be, especially considering my personal coulrophobia. The kid actors were great. Skarsgard was great as the clown.

    I remember seeing the miniseries when I was a kid and being terrified. I’ve watched it again as an adult and it’s kind of laughable how bad a movie it is. I guess you can get away with bad acting and dialogue in a made-for-TV movie in 1990. Tim Curry was probably the only bright spot in the whole thing.

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    • Paul says:

      See I’ve always been a bit jealous of people like you who are IMDB encyclopedias. My knowledge of actors doesn’t go far beyond the people I see on late night talk shows.

      What is an IMAX movie…is that 3D?

      Wait, it was a miniseries? I didn’t know that.

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      • peckapalooza says:

        IMAX is usually 3D, but doesn’t have to be. It’s basically a ginormous screen with better sound quality. Gives the theater an excuse to charge an extra $10.

        Yeah, It originally aired on ABC over 2 nights. These days, it’s on DVD or shown all as one piece at a little over 3 hours.

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  7. Ely says:

    Ok. Here I go!

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  8. Ely says:

    First of all- IT wasn’t what I expected. I saw it last night. At midnight. We were ALONE in the theatre. Not a single other person. I agree the movie was “well done” but let’s leave the horror to the professionals- who cease to exist. Because they’re probably all dead. Except Stephen King. But does he do movies? Nah. Honestly the group of kids reminds me a lot of the Sandlot kids lol, which was odd. And my favorite part of the movie is where he shoots his dead broth- ok let’s not spoil it. Anyways. I liked the concept and the theme blah blah blah but it wasn’t what everyone has hyped it up to be at all. I’m a horror fanatic and I was really expecting to be scared. I think INSIDIOUS and ANABELLE might be better options.

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    • Paul says:

      I agree with everything in this comment, except my favourite scene was when the little boy ran in the wooden construction sign at the start. That was great. You’re right, it was hyped up as a scary movie and I saw people saying that it freaked them out…I think people are just weak. I haven’t seen Insidious or Anabelle, maybe I should.


  9. Ely says:

    Also Murder on The Orient Express is basically a game of CLUE. I wasn’t impressed by the trailer LOL. The one I was into was FLATLINERS and the one where Bruce Willis is a vigilante? YES YES AND YES!

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  10. lolol that pizza hut line made me laugh out loud! I saw the original IT and it scared the **IT out of me, last movie I saw in theaters was Get Out, it was just okay. I have been talked in to seeing some bad movies, Fast and Furious Five lolol and Grow-ups 2 for some reason.

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  11. I am yet to watch the movie I am picking my day probably another week so that I dont have to be surrounded by other people who tend to make unnecessary noise and play on their phones. Ugh bugs me. So the last time I watched a movie was when Mocking Jay part two came out. My sister was insistent we join the herd and watch it as soon as it came out rather than wait a few weeks. And boy did she see my point! So we were in the second to the last row. I like sitting next to the wall and a chair has to be in between me and whoever goes with me because I know that not everyone will watch a movie people like their phones and have separation anxiety in a movie theatre never fails. Thats a completely different topic. There I go being tangent again. But back to point. So my sister grabs the popcorn and showers it with this cheddar powder that I was not a fan of it was messy and gross and just wrong. Snacks were ruined. But I had the movie to look forward to…..right…? At the beginning of the movie first thing we hear is this teenage couple behind us start smooching! I thought okay seriously stop it. My sister reaches over and taps my arm and says out loud I think theres somebody smooching behind us. I started to laugh and the smoochers quit for a good I would say fifteen minutes. Then started back up again. I thought AGAIN! Oh but my sister was more upset she kept turning around waiting for them to quit. No joke they made out the entire time of the movie. Everyone in the movie was fuming by half because they made so much noise it was ridiculous. Even after the credits started to show these teenagers were still all wrapped up in each others space. Worst/funny movie experience ever. My sisters facial expressions were just classic and I could not stop laughing.

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    • Paul says:

      Hahahaha if I were you I’d never go to a theatre again after that. I once had a person behind me put their foot up on my arm rest because I had an aisle seat. People are dumb. Cheddar powder is gross. Completely ruins everything. I remember once sharing popcorn with a friend who was also eating licorice. Their hands smelled up the whole popcorn bag with licorice. It was gross.

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  12. Haven’t seen IT (and probably won’t because I have way too much of an active imagination for even slightly scary movies!)
    I’d probably not sleep for a month.
    I struggle with movies in general too though. I can watch 7 episodes of a t.v. show in a row no problem but the second someone suggests a movie I’m like.. oo do I really have the time/commitment/focus to sit here for a whole 82.5 minutes??? Every time.
    I do however love movie popcorn. Can you go to the movies just to buy popcorn then leave and enjoy it without having to listen to anyone else chew?? I also now desperately need pizza hut dessert pizza and will definitely be driving to get one immediately after I’ve finished typing this comment.

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    • Paul says:

      I’m the same way! Watching 6-7 TV episodes is no problem, but a movie longer than 90 minutes? Oh man I might die.
      The theatre I went to, you had to show your ticket before gaining access to the food section, so unfortunately you can’t just go in and get food. Pizza Hut has the best dessert pizza mmmmmmm


  13. micqu says:

    I have not seen IT and will probably not see it. Not the old version, not the new version. I love the IT crowd though, but that’s another story.
    I used to go to the movies a lot. But then I grew up, had children and all that… Now I just don’t want to spend that kind of money on a movie, to be uncomfortable, eat bad popcorn and feel out of place when I laugh to hard at silly jokes (even when things weren’t intended to be funny)
    I do have a fun story to tell though. It’s about the first time I saw a 3D movie. Coincidentally the same time I saw a zombie movie for the first time. I went with a friend and her crush. It was awkward as hell. Me being the third wheel on their flirting car. Well, halfway through the movie, my friend gets a call about the alarm of her apartment having gone off and it wouldn’t stop. A bit in a panic, she leaves. And I am left at the movies with a stranger, with glasses on my nose that keep slipping down and watching a movie I didn’t want to see in the first place. (it was World War Z, by the way). The movie ends and we just stare at each other. An uncomfortable laugh and a courteous “bye” later, we are on our way to our respective cars. And we are strolling in the same direction. Silence. Oppressive. Awkward. Entering the parking lot we are still walking together. Our cars are parked next to each other’s. We shake hands (!) and I swear, I never left a parking spot faster than that time.
    My friend and him never became a couple, but I saw him a couple of times and we are on speaking terms now. Laughing about our “first date”.

    De läschten Film deen ech am Kino gesinn hunn war “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” an ech hunn vill gelaacht. 😉

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    • Paul says:

      Hahaha I felt awkward just reading that story! Saying bye to someone and then realizing you have to walk the same way as them is the worst. Being the third wheel can be ok, as long as the second wheel is still there lol. Great story.


  14. There are so many comments I could make about this, but the most important one… you have a sister?

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    • Paul says:

      Haha I was waiting for someone to bring this up. Yes I do.

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      • Is there just the one sibling? Is she significantly older than you? I’ve always imagined you as an only child.

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      • Paul says:

        Yup just one, she’s two years older than me. I never really talk about my family on here because I still try to keep some anonymity for myself and don’t think it’s fair to talk about them directly.

        That being said, I do follow some bloggers on Instagram (the ones I’ve created a friendship with) and that’s where my anonymity comes down. Do you have an Instagram and may I follow you?


      • I do. Love to see you there too. I’m rarely on it though. It is so much harder for me to capture in a photo rather than words what’s going on in my life. I’m genealogy_jen there and on FB too. PS I thought of you this week when I went to the smelly soap and candle place.

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      • Paul says:

        Haha that’s awesome! “Paul would hate it here” was hopefully on your mind. Also, I don’t have Facebook anymore (been meaning to write about it), but I shall see you on Instagram!


      • I know you were disenfranchised by it awhile back. I feel like I am at a high school party because I have to be , but the people I really like are already at another location. They left me without a ride, and my cell phone is dead. I’m stuck in the corner with an obnoxious, drunk guy who is alternatively hitting on me and shouting profanities at his nemesis across the room. I keep looking over his shoulder for the hero to rescue me, but it is getting worse. I think the only way out is to have the party busted by the cops or to duck out when he’s distracted ogling a hotter chick. I just don’t know what I would do once I left.

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      • Paul says:

        This is the greatest analogy you could’ve made.

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  15. Tanushka says:

    Since the movie came out, I’ve been furiously avoiding any sort of reviews, because I don’t want any spoilers. (Somehow I trusted you not to talk about the movie actually anyway, and also I didn’t know the topic in the beginning, so this is the only review I’ve read so far.) Being a loyal member of the “books-are-better-than-movies” club, I am waiting for exams to get over so that I can finally read IT.
    Ps- it saddens me to know you don’t remember Harry Potter that much. To put my obsession in perspective, I remember all the scenes from all the movies, and can recite the whole first page of the philosopher’s stone. It just baffles me sometimes, what do you mean you can’t draw the the whole family tree of the Black family upto 7 generations?
    (Okay I’ll stop boasting now.)

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    • Paul says:

      Haha yeah, I have better things to do than sit here and recap everything that happened in a 2 hour 15 min movie. You made a good decision.

      I guess with Harry Potter the difference is that I haven’t seen each movie multiple times, and I’m assuming you have? I’ve seen the first movie the most amount of times but I couldn’t provide you with small details. Also, there are way too many characters to remember all of them. I know the important ones.


  16. If you haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies, at least read the books! This is actually a mortal sin. I don’t know if we can know each other anymore haha. A friend of mine went to see IT with her boyfriend (We were supposed to go see it together..she dumped me for her man! Imagine?) and she said that she wasn’t sure whether to laugh or scream…so on that basis, I doubt that I’ll go see it anytime soon

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  17. I love movies but go rarely and LOVE popcorn. There’s gold in them thar hills and it is the liquid gold over the popcorn.

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  18. LOL. I went to the movies 4 times this past summer! That forth one was free because I saw three in a short time span🙊 Your movie theatre is fancy. I don’t have a drink machine I get to choose from! The cashier asks me what I’d like to drink and I have to tell him and he begins pouring it. And it’s plain options like “Coke, Sprite, or Lemonade”. That and a popcorn come out to $12😬 Although, I’ve gotten really into their hot dog lately so I sometimes have that when I go😄 It’s the same price as the popcorn so why not! I don’t wanna know what price it will be when I have kids😭😭 I’ll let you in on a secret Paul, movie theatre candy is like $4.50. At Target you get the same thing for $1.00. So me and my friend, we buy some boxes of candy from there before we go to the theatre and eat it during the movie😂😂

    I made my comment about food again. Good night Paul!

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    • Paul says:

      Four times! I think I’ve been four times since 2011. Oh yeah, we’re fancy in Canada with a million options when we only need 5. I had to make sure I was clicking on regular Coke, there were about 8 different flavours of just that. Never mind the Sprite options and everything else. Too complicated. It’s hard finding a place with good hotdogs! But a $12 hotdog??? That better be heavenly. I don’t think my theatre has hotdogs, they seem too high end for that lol. There’s a Starbucks at my theatre….
      Lol look at you sneaking food in! That’s smart. Is there no policy against it? Apparently you’re not supposed to do that here because someone might check your bag when they take your ticket. But how would I know?

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      • Lol! No the drink is $6 and the hotdog is $6. Which is still very expensive.

        Of course there is a rule against sneaking food in!! But the key word is “might check your bag”. I have heard of them checking bags at my theatre but they have yet to do so. They just come into the theatre every now and then after the movie has started-by that point I have my candy out and no one can tell that I got it from Target because they look the same 😉

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      • Paul says:

        OH $6 for each item. That thought never crossed my mind. That makes more sense. I was about to go into a big brother lecture on money management and how a $12 hot dog isn’t worth it hahaha.

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      • lol you know little sis is conscious about money and food🤗 Most of the time lol…

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  19. Lynni says:

    Paul!!! As if you didn’t find it scary – my friend and I lost our crap when we watched IT! Ps. what a wonderful photos of someone eating popcorn :,)

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    • Paul says:

      Finally someone mentioned the photo, thank you! And you found the movie scary? I wish I did. Too many funny moments took me out of the mood of being scared I think. Like when the kid ran into the construction sign at the beginning, I was dying of laughter 😂

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      • Lynni says:

        Hahaha well it’s a good photo! Also, I guess I’m too much of a wimp of to get scared! Although the part where the clown danced did make me giggle 🙊

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  20. Barb Knowles says:

    I do not like going to the movies except maybe once a year. Exceptions: I watched the first Star Wars in the theater 7 nights in a row. Hunger Games: I have all the books and saw the first one in the theater and bought the other two. So I have them all on my kindle and still watch them all the time. Lord of the Rings: My husband dragged me kicking and screaming to that one. We were there to see something he wanted to see and it was sold out. I never want to see movies where I’ve read the book. And I have read the trilogy at least twice. And the movie was so good. Somehow that movie was able to catch the essence of all of the books.

    The book IT was one of the scariest books I’ve ever read. I loved the 1990 movie even though a lot of people thought it was goofy. I thought it was scary but not even close to book scary.

    I’ve heard exactly your reaction. Great acting, especially the kids, good movie but not scary.

    Your sister must have been in hysterics with your seat antics.

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    • Paul says:

      7 nights in a row! Oh man. I don’t think I’d ever go back to a theatre to watch it again unless I missed half of it while in the bathroom.

      I thought the 1990 movie was good too, or at least that’s what I thought at the time when I saw it in high school. But lately I’ve heard people calling it goofy. I never got that vibe. Then again I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I saw it so….

      My sister thought my seat antics were ridiculous, until we saw that random guy exit the theatre then we couldn’t stop laughing at how dumb I must’ve looked.

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  21. Myka says:

    Who has to pay for butter?! I am appalled.

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  22. Angela says:

    I once fell asleep at the movies I can’t even remember what movie it was. I also went to a midnight preview showing of the final Harry Potter movie and when it started there was no sound, people were going crazy and throwing popcorn at the screen. I was scared! But other than that I love going!! I can’t see IT though because I’m too scared, my friend also said it was funny, I thought she was trying to trick me into going!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. I saw IT, and I’m not a huge fan of scary movies, but this movie was more funny than scary I can agree with that. The original was way scarier. It’s hard for me to watch a re-make when I already have the original characters in my head. So watching this one was more like watching a dream where everyone looks different and the storyline kind of changes a little bit.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. live3one says:

    I feel like I’m one of the few people who actually enjoys going to the movies. As overpriced as it is, it’s one of my favorite things to do. But I’m not much of a movie person either. I like going, being fully immersed, or I probably don’t care. I’ll watch Harry Potter or something like that at home bc I like it enough, but aside from that…my Netflix is pretty much used exclusively for rewatching episodes of Parks and Recreation

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      Yeah I think I enjoyed it more when I was a kid because the atmosphere in the place just felt so big and loud, and the movies felt cool. When I went this time, it just felt like a place with a screen. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but Netflix > Movie Theatres.


      • live3one says:

        And I think maybe it’s the nostalgic in me. I’m a stickler for buying CD’s or records over buying music online, buying DVDs or going to the theater (I still miss when Blockbuster was a thing) over Netflix, going shopping for a gift instead of ordering online. I’m a grumpy old person when it comes to technology taking over the world. The fun of having physical things and creating real experiences seems to be dying out…but maybe I’m just not hip with the kids

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        “I’m a grump old person when it comes to technology taking over the world” – you just described me! haha. All these apps and technological shortcuts are too much for me. I feel like we’re a dying breed.
        Also, Blockbuster was the best. Always liked the smell in there.


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