Coming Soon

I don’t normally do posts like this, where I tell you what blog posts to expect in the future. I normally just write them, post them, and go to sleep. But I feel this post is necessary.

As you might know, I love sports. That being said, I don’t write about them enough on this blog. That bothers me. So I want to challenge myself.

The National Hockey League season starts on October 4th. I may be crazy for wanting to do this, but I want to write a season preview for all 31 NHL teams.

I know, time is not in my favour. I have 24 days to write 31 previews, which means there will be some days where I post twice.

This means a lot to me. I feel as though this blog has shifted so far away from its roots, that I feel awkward whenever I write about sports. I feel awkward because I feel like I’m letting readers down, since 85% of you couldn’t care less about sports.

But I don’t care. I want to do this and I want to do it the right way.

I want these season previews to have research. I’ve already started making notes in a notebook for the first team I’m writing about.

I want my voice to shine through. Not to sound cocky, but I know that I have the ability to turn the boring and mundane into something entertaining. That’s what I intend to do with these posts.

If you don’t like sports, or don’t care for hockey, that’s fine. This isn’t for you. This is for me. This is so I can prove to myself that I can tackle a big writing task and complete it.

However, I would love it if you would indulge me and give these posts a chance. It’s still me writing them.

This is where you decide whether you like me, or just the things I write about.

I’m kidding.

Not really.


Now, there is a very real chance that I don’t complete these 31 season previews on time, or that I get tired after the 7th one and stop. I hope that doesn’t happen, though 31 posts is a daunting number right now.

Maybe I’ll put a 750-word limit on them, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

My hope is that I have time to sprinkle in some blog posts about other things, just to keep my sanity.

I still have four letters left to write. I will get to those. Yes, I know it’s been over a year since I took requests for letters. And yes, I feel bad about it. So shut up already. Thanks.

Alright, that’s it.

The moment I press “Publish” on this post, I’ll probably regret committing to this.

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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38 Responses to Coming Soon

  1. challenging yourself to do something you love is a great thing to do – good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hira says:

    I will read whatever you write… Send me your grocery list๐Ÿ˜‰
    I don’t like sports.. But you do have talent in turning any boring stuff into entertainment… Am looking forward to read everyday!

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  3. Crystal Raye says:

    I wish you luck, I’m sure you can do it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. Anthony says:

    Good luck. Time isn’t on your side, but it depends on what resources you use. You could easily become inundated with information and spend more time sorting through it before writing.

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  5. peckapalooza says:

    Do what you want! You’re an adult! And this is a free country! So is Canada!

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  6. micqu says:

    If you write it, I’ll read it. I may not understand anything, but I will probably end up liking it because it is a part of you and I like you.

    You mentioned the letters you need to write… If I remember correctly, there is one for me too. A lot has changed in a year… I know you better and like you more than I did then ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s good that you challenge yourself but keep in mind that you start the challenge, you are the one to define when it is time to end it. If a passion becomes an obligation, then it is time to think it over again. That said, I am sure and certain that you will do this the best way you can.

    Bonne merde an eng schรฉin nei Woch. Ech ginn muer nach eng Kรฉier un de Strand an dono (Dรซnschdeg) fueren ech 800km Heem ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Good luck and have a nice week. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the beach once more and after that (Tuesday), I’ll drive 800 kilometres home ๐Ÿ˜Š)

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    • Paul says:

      Thanks for your patience with the letter! There are 4 left, yours is 2nd. I’m kinda glad I didn’t write your letter sooner because we didn’t really know each other that well earlier, so in a way this all worked out!

      Thank you for the advice and telling me you’ll read them. Means a lot.

      Enjoy the beach! That’s a long drive, I’d probably fall asleep lol

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      • micqu says:

        I am glad I don’t have to drive all by myself and also that we can switch as drivers. Also… Kids. They want to be entertained…

        I agree that the letter-thing worked in our favour ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Dutch Lion says:

    I love it Paul. I’m pumped to read these previews and can’t wait to see what you have. That reminds me I need to buy a Hockey News Preview magazine too. Thanks and Go Hawks!

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    • Paul says:

      Awesome! I’ll probably do them in alphabetical order so Chicago will be one of the first.

      By the way, if my memory is correct, you just about predicted the final score of the Bears/Falcons game. Well done.

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  8. Myka says:

    “This isnโ€™t for you. This is for me.” Megan said this to me a while back, in similar terms. When I was embarrassed about what/why I was writing. She was right then, and you are right now. This blog IS for you. & I’m excited to see you shine.

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  9. You go! I’ll be here waiting

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  10. Squid says:

    I like gaining knowledge from people about things I would never research (like sports), so I’m actually looking forward to this… For example, did you know that the extra two dudes from the batting team on the baseball field are base coaches who tell the guys on base when to run and stuff? I didn’t! I had to ask my stepdad at the last game we went to… But I never looked it up.
    These posts could make me sound really smart to the sports fans I know… Hehehe thank you for your help with my social life!

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  11. Lauren says:

    Very Cool! I’ll be looking forward to your one on the Detroit Red Wings! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  12. ~M says:

    Ok, you twisted my arm… I pick you. Lol…. Sorry, I’m not a big sports fan but I typically live with one. That is… when he isn’t deployed. So I’ll give it a chance. And who knows, I might even become a fan. If anyone can convince me, it’ll be your humorous posts. Lol… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  13. Barb Knowles says:

    YAY! Your best decision ever. And since I’m behind in reading these, you may have answered this but I want your opinion. Now this is showing my age, but when I was a kid, the seasons were specific. Football in the fall. Hockey and Basketball in the winter. Baseball in the spring. Golf and other stuff in the summer. Now it’s like everything all the time. I think that’s a big disservice to the fans. How is it humanly possible that we are talking about hockey in September? Picks I understand. But the season starts at the beginning of October? Just when fall is starting?
    There. I’ve gotten my sports pet peeve off my chest.

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  14. Ely says:

    I don’t know where the heck I was when you published this! I did not get an alert lol! But here’s another reminder: everything you write, is essentially super “Paul” no matter what because you always manage to sneak in something relevant/ridiculously funny no matter how serious or sporty the post is. (also, I just sort of called you “Super Paul” lol) As will be the case for ALL writers like us who write with their minds and their hearts on their fingertips and JUST WRITE without limiting our material to certain topics, etc- some of these topics won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but at the very least, it’s a Paul Brand of Tea and so, it MUST be a high quality Tea so everyone should hush and SIP THE DAMN TEA. Lol! Anyways! Keep doing you! You’re the best!

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    • Paul says:

      The Team Genius portion of my brain was activated halfway through this comment. If I ever come out with my own brand of tea, it’ll be called Tea He, so when you pronounce it it sounds like you’re laugh – teehee.
      Anyways thanks for the support! I’m liking Super Paul. Sounds like a superhero…like Captain Underpants or something lol

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