Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette Ep. 7

We are back with another lip smacking edition of The Bachelorette. I’m watching with my friend Meghan, who will also be providing commentary!

~ They are in Geneva, Switzerland this week because what better place to fall in love than somewhere far away from home, where you can’t run into people you know?

~ These guys are always dressed in black and grey and striped shirts.

~ Rachel meets up with the guys and tells them there won’t be a Rose Ceremony at the end of the week, which means Chris Harrison may not even appear in this episode.

~ But how will we know if his sleeves are rolled up or not?

~ There will be three one-on-one dates, and a three-on-one date. This is too much.

~ The first date goes to Bryopractor. She tells him to go get ready and instead of saying, “I don’t get ready, I stay ready” he goes to put on a suit. Missed opportunity.

~ Bryan and Rachel hop in an expensive car.

~ “I’m blessed.” Drink!

~ Switzerland is known for cheese and watches, says Rachel, so they go to a watch store.

~ This would be a great way to send someone home, if Rachel wanted to. “Our time is up.”

~ These two haven’t stopped kissing each other. What show is this?

~ Back at the hotel, two random contestants are talking on a porch. I’ll call them Porch Pals.

~ They are overdressed, sitting in a park(?), day drinking. Oh right, this is The Bachelorette.

~ Both of them can’t wait for the rest of the date, so they can actually talk to each other kiss each other more.

~ The next date card arrives. It’s for Mean Dean. She wants him to put on his Sunday best. What if it’s not Sunday?

~ “He’s such a catch.” Bryan is a fish.

~ Brachel are at dinner now and are in an empty music hall? There are candles everywhere. A fire could break out any minute.

~ Bryan tells Rachel that his ex-girlfriend didn’t like his mom. This means Rachel will be extra kind on hometown dates, right?

~ Why must they make out soooooo much? – Meghan

~ This date is 80% kissing.

~ Bryan got a rose.

~ Time for Dean’s date. Meghan would apply for the show if he is the Bachelor.

~ They are going to church. Dean is excited. Of course he is.

~ Rachel and Dean come across a couple that have been married for 40 years. These “chance encounters” with old couples are so staged.

~ Does Switzerland have a formal dress code I don’t know about?

~ “I want to challenge our relationship.” Drink!

~ Rachel’s favourite days are real chill. As opposed to fake chill.

~ Dean says his family is not normal.

~ Now Eric and Peter are on the porch for another edition of Porch Pals!

~ Dean asked her what her favourite dinosaur is. She didn’t answer. RED FLAG!

~ She doesn’t like when he jokes around too much, yet this is her favourite kind of day – real chill. MIXED SIGNALS!

~ Peter gets the next one-on-one date and the other three see the writing on the wall. It says, “You ain’t the one.”

~ “I love spending time with Dean, but….” – Rachel

~ Dean tells her that today was weird and laughs. Rachel tells him to knock it off.

~ Dean: “I really really like you.” I think Carly Rae Jepsen said it better, sir.

~ “My family is not the family you’re going to want to see.” – Dean

~ “Ugh he’s like a puppy.” – Meghan

~ Rachel says she would love to meet his family. I don’t think this ends well.

~ She gives him a rose.

~ Triumphant music plays as they kiss by the water. Any second now the director will yell “Cut!”

~ Meghan just tweeted Dean a picture of her dog and Dean liked it immediately!

~ “Yooooo. It’s on.” – Meghan

I smell a puppy love connection.

~ Back to the other show going on right now. Peter and Rachel are in a helicopter. Peter is excited. Of course he is.

~ They are going dogsledding! Man, Dean missed out on this one didn’t he Meghan?

~ Back with episode 3 of Porch Pals with Eric and Bryan. Eric is officially a recurring guest on this show. Not good.

~ Peter tells her he’s thought about leaving. What a smart fellow. He realizes how ridiculous this whole thing is.

~ Rachel: “There’s still a lot we haven’t talked about.” No kidding.

~ I’m now suggesting pick-up lines for Meghan to tweet to Dean.

~ “Hey Dean, I live in the DMV and I wanna DM U.”

~ For context, Dean’s initials are DMU. Brilliant, eh?

~ Meghan is dying of laughter. Success!

~ Through all this hilarity, Peter and Rachel are at dinner where…all together now…We. Don’t. Get. To. See. Them. Eat. Any. Food.

~ Peter says he won’t propose unless he’s 100% sure. This scares Rachel because this show relies on a proposal at the end.

~ Eric, Matt, and Adam get their date card. Meghan and I don’t think any of them have a shot with Rachel.

~ Normal Person Peter gets a rose.

~ “Do I care about these last three guys?” – Meghan

~ Meghan wants Who’s Clues member, Adam, to get a rose.

~ They’re hopping on a boat to go to France.

~ Bonjour!

~ Remember last episode where she took that guy to Sweden just to dump him? The same thing is going to happen here, isn’t it?

Au revoir.

~ Eric is a close talker.

~ Matt goes on a long speech about how he’s been patient.

~ Rachel starts crying and tells him other relationships are further along than theirs. Obviously.

~ Byeeeeee Matt. Now get rid of Eric pleaseeeeeeee. – Meghan

Rachel: “It wasn’t right for me to bring him along.”

~ You took him to another country to dump him, what do you mean you didn’t want to “bring him along.” He’s already been brought!

~ She knew before this date that Matt was going home, yet still brought him to France.

~ Adam asks Rachel if she sees herself falling in love with him. She says yes. This will be interesting if/when he goes home in 7 minutes.

~ “When I’m with you, I don’t even feel like Eric is here.” Good one, Adam, good one.

~ Adam gives his plea to stay.

~ Now Eric is talking to Rachel and he is in a suit.

~ Does France also have a dress code?

~ I know it’s a date and they’re on a TV show, but they’re all dressed too professionally.

~ Eric tells Rachel he has never brought a girl home.

~ Whoever gets the rose tonight will get sent home next week, that’s my prediction. Has Adam even been on a one-on-one yet?

~ The rose goes to Eric!

~ Now over to Meghan for her reaction….


~ Hometown dates are next week.

~ Meghan is predicting that Peter will win based on the previews.

That’s all. Thanks for reading and thanks to Meghan for watching with me! See ya next week, I guess.

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36 Responses to Viewing Notes: The Bachelorette Ep. 7

  1. Okay that DMV pick up line was the best 👍

    Liked by 2 people

  2. heymeghan91 says:

    Ahh it’s like I was sitting in Canada with you watching.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barb Knowles says:

    I love your commentary….favorite line is “Bryan is a fish.” And Meghan’s additions are great.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great job you two😂This was hilarious. Paul, you an I must have viewing notes for something one day!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. CarlyCamaron says:

    Although I don’t watch, your posts brings me to the couch with a bowl of popcorn! Can’t wait to “tune in” next week

    Liked by 1 person

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