Blogger Recognition

Alright kids – and bigger kids – it’s time for another blogging experiment. I would’ve called this a blogging exercise, but I don’t want to do Jumping Jacks. I’m more of a Pizza Paul guy, if you catch my midriff-t.

That was borderline inappropriate, but 100% punny, so I went with it. Hopefully I don’t have to explain the joke.

Anyway, I was recently nominated by Gabrielle for the Blogger Recognition Award. Before you click away and think you’ve seen this post 100 times, I promise you this is different.
Hang around. Act like a Canadian and take your shoes off. Stay awhile.

But first, thank you Gabrielle for the nomination! You should all check out her blog. She recently starting vlogging, which I think takes a lot of guts. Cameras can be intimidating.

Instead of following the rules of the award, whereby I answer questions and nominate other blogs, I have a different idea up my short sleeve.

It involves you, the comments section below, and some praise.

Your Mission
I want you to comment below with the name(s) of the blog(s)/blogger(s) who’s words you enjoy reading.

This can be your favourite blogger; someone you think deserves more recognition; someone you recently started following, or someone who’s post you click on the second it appears in your Reader.

Add a link to their blog so the rest of us can enjoy their blog as well.

Basically, you’re promoting someone else. You may even say a few complimentary words about them.

All we have is each other on here, and I know first hand that someone saying, “Hey I like your blog” goes a long way.

If I’m you’re favourite blogger and you’d like to promote me in my own comments sections, please don’t hold back. Tell me everything you love about me. 

Seriously though, don’t pick me. It defeats the purpose.

But if you can’t resist…

Can we do this?

Spread the word. Tell people you like what they write. It’ll be fun. I hope.

If this idea fails, I’ll get a pinata and we can all take turns hitting it.

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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42 Responses to Blogger Recognition

  1. randyjw says:

    Congratulations, Paul! Here’s a list (you’re in it!):

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  2. rebbit7 says:

    Recently just started following The Bold and the Bitchy, and although Anthea’s blog is only a month old, the content she’s been churning out never ceases to make me laugh. Sort of like the female version of your blog, in a way!

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  3. Quinn says:

    I’m pretty new to this wordpress world but I’m really enjoying both these girls: and Their writing is quick-witted and interesting and always give me something to think about!

    Also both these boys: and

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  4. Jess says:

    I recently started following Belle of the Library. Her everyday stories are hilarious and she’s a fantastic writer. If you don’t follow her, I think you’d really enjoy her!

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  5. peckapalooza says:

    I’ve got a lot of new favorites lately. I don’t like just picking one. But I will. Because I like rules. I’m going with Commuting with Kristen. Great life observations.

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  6. Squid says:

    At first I panicked because your blog is the one I always recommend to anyone who wants to follow more people, lol. But, then I realized that I eagarly await my friend Rusty’s short stories and puntastic humor, so I’ll link to his because he’s awesome.

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  7. micqu says:

    I’ve got a few I always read too in my reader (though I am bad at liking and commenting)… Yours of course, and these three that I thought about as soon as I read this entry: musings and writing I really love this one because of the poetry and the music… poetry

    for all my craziness about music, I don’t follow any strict music blogs. I am stunned… I wasn’t aware of that.
    Great post, as always.

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  8. TheMonumentalJackass says:

    My first time here, and I trust I am not overstepping, but I’d nominate

    A masterclass, in my opinion.

    Also, greatly appreciate the idea! Allow me to have a look around 😀

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  9. ~M says:

    Congratulations Paul…. I would like to nominate my husband, who has recently started blogging. He never wrote a single poem in his life until four months ago. So I must admit, I’m extremely impressed and a little bit shocked by his new infatuation with writing. You can find his blog at…

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    • Paul says:

      I didn’t know he was your husband! This is the whole me and Chris thing all over again.

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      • ~M says:

        Lol…. it is! We’ve sort of been keeping it a secret. But I just couldn’t keep up the charade any longer. Lol…. It was really hard commenting on his stuff and trying not to sound too enthusiastic. Plus I had a hard time at first, accepting the fact that he held back all of this amazing talent for the last 47 years of his life. It was like a jaw dropping revelation. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be happy or strangle him. Lol…. I’ve decided to be happy about it of course. But still… who knew he had it in him? Certainly not me. After 23 years of marriage you think you know a person. I guess there’s always something new and amazing to find out, even after 23 years…… 😉

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      • Paul says:

        “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be happy or strangle him” Haha well if that doesn’t sum up marriage, I don’t know what does. At least he’s now sharing his talent. Better late than never!

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      • ~M says:

        Lol…. read my latest post, it’s a reblog, but so good…. it really sums up marriage! Lol….. 😉

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  10. I nominate

    These are three I really enjoy…
    Thank you ~M (My wonderful wife) for nominating me.

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    • Paul says:

      Thank you for sharing! Sorry I’m late on the reply – I just found your comment in my spam folder for some reason. I’m a fan of both you and your wife; glad you finally acknowledged your marriage on here!


  11. Barb Knowles says:

    This is such a great idea, Paul! While refraining from nominating you and me, I hope everyone checks out

    These are all very different, and all very wonderful. I hope everyone checks them out, as I will your recommendations.

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  12. I was referred here by Barb Knowles of so definitely check her blog out.

    In addition, I also recommend

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  13. gabriellemgillispie says:

    I tend to let posts from people I follow build up, so I’m sorry for spamming you! But thank you for mentioning me and being so kind. I love this idea of people promoting their favorite blogs. I’ve been reading through the comments, and I love that people are just being so nice and giving bloggers they love a shout out simply because they want to. Go you for encouraging the spreading of some positivity and a sense of community during a time when we really need to be practicing that more often!

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  14. diyali321 says:

    I’m really new to WordPress, and there’s not many blogs that I read regularly, but here’s one that has become my favourite. I can relate so much! ❤

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  15. shruti502 says:

    Congratulations on the award.This is such a great and beautiful initiative of yours.Following are the blogs that I jump onto every single time,there are many actually!

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