Santa baby (Reblog)

Hello Australia! It looks like my “write a letter to Santa” challenge is taking over the world. Go check out Rosie’s letter to Santa before it’s too late. She’s only a few hours away from celebrating Christmas in Australia! What a lucky country.

Rosie's Take On

Rosie’s take on… A letter to Santa
I got this idea from Paul over at The Captain’s Speechwho wrote a letter to Santa from his 7 year old self, and encouraged everyone to do the same. But I’m not that good at obeying instructions, or being told what to do, so here’s a letter to Santa from my current, 21 year old self.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is some good food and a solid mid-afternoon nap.

Forget what I said when I was younger, when I used to force Mum to lie down with me to get me to sleep. I want all the naps I abused back when I was a child.

I also want a nice kitchen and vouchers for Kmart, Big W and Spotlight, to go buy homewares for the house you’re bringing me this year. I want enough money to buy all…

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