Viewing Notes: The Office – Season 2, Episodes 1 – 3

I’m Paul. You’re not. Let’s get started!

Episode 1

  • Tonight is The Dundies! The annual employee awards night.
  • Someone is going to be disappointed, calling it now.
  • “Stanley the manly.” I like it.
  • Michael has taped every edition of The Dundies. It’s like re-watching your 5th birthday party on VHS.
  • Dwight just snuck into the women’s washroom to see what someone wrote on the wall.
  • They kicked him out.
  • “Every year Roy and Pam don’t get married, it gets funnier.” – Michael
  • Are you married, Michael?
  • Dwight has announced that the women are banned from their own washroom. There will now be two men’s rooms.
  • Equality!
  • Michael has announced that everyone is allowed to bring their friends and family to The Dundies.
  • Phyllis won the busiest beaver award!
  • The trophy says BUSHIEST BEAVER.
  • This explains Chris’ fantasy team name. I get it now, Chris.
  • Angela got an award because she has a great caboose.
  • Equality!
  • While trying to “sing”, Michael is heckled by strangers. He gives up on singing.
  • He then gave Kevin the “Don’t Go In There After Me” award because one time, Michael went to the washroom after him and it was really smelly.
  • Good thing they have two men’s washrooms now?
  • Stanley wins the “Fine Work” award.
  • Pam is so hammered.
  • Pam won “The Whitest Sneakers” award, grabs the microphone, and makes a speech.
  • Did anyone notice?
  • Isn’t Pam engaged?
  • Pam falls off the bar stool and Dwight tried to rescue her. He then took his shirt off to use it to comfort her head, but it got stuck on his head.

Episode 2

  • This episode is called, “Sexual Harassment”. Otherwise known as a continuation of the first seven episodes of this series.
  • Todd Packer, Michael’s BFF, is at the office today. My first impression of him is that he’s a nincompoop.
  • Todd and Michael are now insulting women while everyone else is listening.
  • Total nincompoops.
  • *Insert comments about blondes and brunettes*
  • His license plate is “WLHUNG” but he doesn’t know who William Hung is!
  • “She bang! She bang!”
  • Toby is telling Michael that corporate has asked him to do a review of their sexual harassment policy.
  • Michael says no.
  • Pam’s mother is coming in today and she doesn’t want people to joke around when she’s there. This should be a nightmare.
  • Michael just walked in with an inflatable woman.
  • They are now talking about chain emails.
  • Dwight is now asking Toby about the female anatomy.
  • Just imagine a fourth grade health class and that’s what this episode is.
  • Michael gets scolded by corporate and announces his retirement from comedy and that he can no longer be friends with anyone in the office.
  • This is the episode where, “That’s what she said” was born.
  • Pam’s mom is here. Oh no.
  • Jim tries to meet her, but Roy Toy and his ugly sweater walks in and Jim aborts the mission.
  • “So, which one is Jim?” – Pam’s mom.
  • This episode proved that jokes aren’t always funny.

Episode 3

  • This episode is called, “Office Olympics”. I’m excited.
  • Ryan brings Michael a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. He’s gonna be running to the washroom shortly.
  • Michael is becoming a home owner today. His neighbours don’t know what’s coming.
  • Jim dies from boredom every day and it’s up to Pam to revive him.
  • Oscar and Kevin have a scoreboard for when they play paper football. They’ve been doing it for two years. Angela hates it.
  • Michael and Dwight are out of the office and everyone is playing sports.
  • Imagine how your class behaved when you had a supply teacher. That is this episode.
  • The real estate agents think Michael and Dwight are a gay couple.
  • This was the era when getting a surround sound system was the coolest thing you could say to someone.
  • Jim has announced the office Olympics are now commencing.
  • They will be competing for gold, silver, and bronze yogurt lids. I wonder if anyone washed them first.
  • The first event is Flunkerton.
  • Flunkerton is box shoe racing, of course.
  • Phyllis vs. Kevin face off in the first heat. My money is on both of them falling.
  • Phyllis wins! No one fell.
  • Kevin just won a gold medal for stuffing a million M&Ms in his mouth.
  • Michael just offered Dwight a room in his new condo.
  • So are Michael and Dwight going steady now?
  • Dwight has a fish tank for snakes and lizards. Michael does not want that in his place.
  • Michael has now revoked his offer to Dwight.
  • Angela keeps tally on how many times Jim goes over to talk to Pam. She’s observant.
  • This episode isn’t as great as I was hoping.
  • Michael and Dwight, the lovebirds, are back at the office and the games are over.
  • At the closing ceremony, Michael gets a gold medal. He has no clue what’s going on but accepts it anyway.
  • Dwight gets a silver medal and stands on the wrong side of the podium!
  • Michael is in tears.

Sooooo when does this show get funny?

Season 1
Part 1 | 2

Season 2
Part 1

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18 Responses to Viewing Notes: The Office – Season 2, Episodes 1 – 3

  1. heymeghan91 says:

    Like I said….season 4

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No, it gets better in this season. Trust me dude. Keep going!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jess says:

    PAUL. I promise you. Has Jim done any of his pranks on Dwight yet? Those are the absolute best.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. peckapalooza says:

    My favorite Dwight prank doesn’t come until season 3. Hang in there.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anshumanth says:

    These posts are so tough for me. I haven’t watched the show, so I don’t think I can appreciate these posts, but I hate missing out on your writing. Please please do one of these on House of Cards

    Liked by 1 person

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