A Comment From Another Paul

I received a comment the other day on my post, I Took Notes During The Third Presidential Debate, that was too good not to share.

It was composed by a blogger named, Paul. Not me, but another one. I know, two Pauls on one blog is a bit much not enough.

Please go check out Paul’s blog: In My Cluttered Attic. If you think I’m remotely funny, you’ll be calling me boring after reading one of his posts. He is extremely hilarious and equally as kind.

People named Paul are great people. That’s what I want you to take away from this.

Here is the comment Paul left on my blog. Enjoy!

“Paul, this was beautifully done. I was having visions of you sitting off stage, perhaps in a soundproof booth, wearing a headset and offering a blow-by-blow account of the proceedings for the Canadian viewers at home—similar to what a translator might do at the UN. Nevertheless, I fear this kind of thing might catch on and become a real ratings grabber, making American political debates must see TV up there!

On the other hand, that could be a good thing for NBC, now that Donald Trump thinks Saturday Night Live is old and should be put out to pasture because of bad Donald Trump impersonations by Alec Baldwin—although I thought he was quite good, except for his wig, it was life-like. But no!

Where will it all end? With “The Donald” possibly getting another show on the NBC network, only this time as some weird host of uh… bi-weekly American debate show, where he calls out a female candidate as one nasty woman, or some male candidate, that mean hombre from south of the border—of course, with you having to translate it all into Canadian for the viewers up there.

Wait a minute: we’re down here… AMERICA IS SOUTH OF THE BORDER! Anyway, then he’ll go on to despise both candidates and their brand of politics as old and more of the same old Washington by saying, “YOUR TIRED!”

Oh I fear for what that might do to your native tongue. There you’ll be… trying to say “Your tired, eh” in Canadian, but having it come out “Your tired… eek” with dozens of Canadian viewers (somewhere up in the urban sprawl of Nunavut) calling the network to say “Paul’s tongue is tied. Quick, we’ll send him a Canada Dry!” Only to see the Nunavutians having to ship drink by moose down to the network. THAT COULD TAKE YEARS!

No, I won’t have it, it’s not worth the risk to your beloved Canadian tongue. I won’t let The Donald turn your gifted Canadian wit into some kind of circus series like he’s tried to do with our Presidential Election, and all because he’s going to need another TV series after November 8th in order to recoup his losses (Breath), so that he can avoid filing for bankruptcy—FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME!

We won’t let him twist the dean of Canadian translator’s tongue like his wife (Melania Trump) tried to use one of Michelle Obama’s speeches for her husbands own ill-gotten gains. Nope, it’s time we said enough… and in Canadian, eh!”

Wasn’t that great?

Again, go check out Paul’s blog at: In My Cluttered Attic. You won’t be disappointed.

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22 Responses to A Comment From Another Paul

  1. I better not be disappointed

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  2. Barb Knowles says:

    Dear Pauls, you are both very funny, but in different ways. Which is why I’m so attracted to both of your blogs. Canadian Paul, you constantly amaze me with your make-me-laugh-out-loud humor, and I look forward to each new post on The Captain’s Speech. Whether humor, sports or poetry, looking forward to your blog is a daily joyride. And so great that you posted Non-Canadian Paul’s hysterical comments. You are so on point with you views of these debilitating debates, ha!
    Non-Canadian Paul, no more hiatus for you! We’ve missed your posting and I’m glad your biological family obligations are allowing you time to blog again for your blogging family. Priorities!

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  4. Bun Karyudo says:

    I always enjoy Paul’s posts. I’m never quite sure what’s coming next. It’s all so crazily unpredictable, but in the best kind of way.

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  5. Jay says:

    Pauls are generally good people. The internet could use a few more of you. But maybe we could come up with helpful nicknames, like “Little Paul” or “Runs his mouth Paul” or “Creepy Mustache Paul”

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  6. That comment was absolutely brilliant!

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    While I want to leave a pithy comment here so that I might be considered as clever as all the rest of you, I am almost wordless, having seen the best words used in previous comments. Perhaps I’ll just go with congrats and best wishes. Those words seem to be well received no matter when or where I say them.

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  8. Steph McCoy says:

    Two Pauls?? It’s all so confusing. I came to your blog via the “other” Paul’s blog as I’ve been a follower of his for quite some time. Paul, (the other Paul) this comment was hilarious and of course as I’m playing catch up and The Donald did win I can’t wait to read your follow up posts. 😆😅

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