Tell the moon not to wait up tonight
I’ll talk to the sun if I have to
for it is the doorman of destiny
allowing every ray of light to sneak in through the back
there is no secret anymore
like milk, we are the two percent
selected to be selective
and chosen to choose
because it is when you and I stand still
the faces pass us by
one by one they look at me
they look at you, whoever you are
and through the window of time
tick tock, tick tock
a nervous look is about to stop
make way, make way
that’s what they say
let them out so we can take their place
we are the same, you see
we are the same, you and me
but then there is just me
trying to remember the feelings that escaped
like listening to a song for the first time
and never knowing where it is going
but wanting to go along anyway
because maybe this song will change the landscape
and the picture will change the tune
but remember what I told you
we are not talking to the moon
it is never two plus two
all I do is carry the one
to find all the moments that are locked away
like sipping ginger ale on a Saturday night
before saying hello to a beautiful Sunday
and standing up tall while feeling so small
I lost that somewhere along the way
trying to go forward while going back
only makes the feet go sideways
before they start spinning in circles
creating a dust storm
don’t look at me, don’t look at me
look at the dreams bleeding from the wounds
they won’t stop because they haven’t been started
heck, you can classify this train as departed
where we are going, I do not know
but I will see you there
I have to.

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12 Responses to Departed

  1. sinisterparanoia says:

    No wonder I have not been able to write a single piece since our last collaboration. This is brilliant.

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  2. This is just brilliant and stirring

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  3. kumarvibho says:


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  4. jaycn1 says:



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  5. randyjw says:

    Wow; that’s really nice.

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