I knew it all but not enough
getting out wasn’t so tough
leaving my footprints all over the place
knowing I’d be back to carefully retrace.

It was everything I ever wanted
my dreams were never haunted
keep it small and nice
this place is going to suffice.

Everything took off from there
I never figured out what to wear
focussing on the columns across
never acknowledging a loss.

More fun than I can remember
snow ball fights in the middle of December
folding up and getting out
then I knew what we were all about.

Hide the wish with some humour
go on feed me the latest rumour
only a spot for one
do or die I’m second to none.

Each day was a last chance
still never found the right pants
pull it in close
I may never get another dose.

That was it for now
we answered all the questions except for how
never gave permission for this to go quicker
all I see now is a little flicker.

Today I count up to seven
for some reason it feels like eleven
and my heart is in another place
remembering the smile on each and every face.


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6 Responses to Seven

  1. Hey Paul! I hope you’re doing well! I want to take a second to thank you for your writing and for also being one of my first followers, for giving me feedback on posts and just being an all around kind person in this blogosphere! You deserve recognition for that, so I’m nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Rules are here:
    Thanks again for all you do!

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