2 4 3

short minutes
was all it
turned out to be
for it was not long
before the hall split in two
with a transparent wall down the middle
preventing every little noise from watering the time
filling empty ears with too many words
that remain planted on the tongues
growing stale with the clouds
yet to be picked
as two minutes
waits for


About Paul

This is the part where I'm supposed to write something interesting about myself and you'll read it and think, "That's not that interesting." So let's not do that and just think about pizza instead, on the count of three. One, two, three. Donuts. Now, wasn't that interesting?
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7 Responses to 2 4 3

  1. Cool format. For some reason, it reminded me of Pascal’s triangle.

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  2. rebbit7 says:

    Yes! The best poem from you so far! I admit that I enjoy it when writers/poets experiment with format and fragmentation in their poems. Right on with the writing, Paul! 🙂

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    • Paul says:

      Thank you! I really like this one too. I think the format of a poem can really add something to it, or at least re-emphasize the theme that is trying to be portrayed. It’s fun to play around with.

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  3. This is the best poem yet. It has so many layers.

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  4. There’s something special and unique about the approach. Two minutes waiting for three” loved that.

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