it’s funny how
something can be so funny
and not render a single chuckle
but only a buckle
as the assembly
comes marching in
to replace the one thing
you thought you had
in your back pocket
with nothing
but a final performance
fit for the stage
and an underlying message
that is under truth
and lying above
for a quick analysis
to determine
what only a gut
can detect
and provide a verdict
so clear
it is evident
there is no joke here
to call funny
or a line to punch
but only a reality
that is setting in
in the setting
that is getting bigger
and rolling over
the role


About Paul

I don't know what my blog is about.
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2 Responses to smaller

  1. rebbit7 says:

    Enjoyed the word flow, Paul. Especially with the last few lines that end with “smaller:” nice blend of form with language! Perhaps I would say “thinner,” but it’s fine the way it is. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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