Is a charade not meant for an audience
When our truth turns into a lie
Running around in circles
For an endless game of tag
No one wants to win, you know

The dark cover hides what is under
Except the undercover will never be over
To see the way it is
Eliminating the way it was
What was it supposed to be, anyway

There was a point for a second
Until second never got the first point
Forgetting to add up and only taking away
The undesired space in the door
Only nature can close

A familiar glimmer appears
In an unfamiliar costume
That is a trick to treat
For a hesitant voice to collapse
Under the weight of lost time

As the trees blow in the wind
Losing leaves with every gust
Broken branches reach out
Trying to hold on
Without ever being held

Though if you could just freeze in the breeze for a second
But not catch a cold
Wouldn’t that be nice
To stand with the truth
And face it one more time.

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7 Responses to Second

  1. Mentioned you in my latest post!

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  2. Barb Knowles says:

    I love your imagery, especially the broken branches and the breeze.

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  3. moonbabydoll says:

    I needed this! Thank you!! Loved it!!!!

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