Live Blogging: Music Videos II

This is going to be fun. If you’re unaware of what I’m about to do, it is this: I will go on YouTube, search for a song, watch its music video, give my witty thoughts on it, click on another music video, give more witty thoughts, and so on until I get tired of it.

I’ll start where I ended the first time I did this in Live Blogging: YouTube Music Videos.

Please enjoy.

30 Seconds To Mars – Closer To The Edge

55.5 million views on YouTube. You should be one of them.

I already gave my comments on this song the first time around, this is merely a starting point for this round.


Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Looks like a Halloween party for a bunch of strangers that all wear eyeliner.

The singer is wearing a top hat. That’s how you know he’s important.

Unimportant people don’t wear top hats, do they?

If you don’t like excessive face paint, don’t watch this.


Blink 182 – I Miss You

Here’s the thing about YouTube, they are like Big Brother. They know everything, which is why their list of related songs are all bands that have similar styles and sounds.

I really want to know how they came up with the name “Blink 182.” That must’ve been a wild brainstorming session.

Oh yeah, this song is exactly what you’d expect from a song named “I Miss You.”


Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

No idea what I just got myself into. Let’s see.

Classic early 2000s sound right here!

They sure don’t make songs like this anymore. Or videos.

A lot of early 2000s music videos were in, or around, the school setting, were they not? I feel like it was a requirement.

Oh wow, this guy is sitting under a billboard that says “Loser” on it. Find another lunch bench, bud.

Basically this guy has been trying to get a girl to like him, but he has no idea why she would. Then she shows up at prom with two tickets to Iron Maiden, one of his favourite bands. They start dancing and then probably end up married (I don’t know, they haven’t released a sequel, I think).


The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

You guys know what to do, sing it!

Do Do Do Do Do Doo Doo. Do Do Do Do Do Doo Doo.

There are so many triangles in this video that keep coming toward me.

Or is it an upside down V?


The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Never heard of this song before.

This old man just keeps saying “That boy needs therapy.” And there are people under white bedsheets trying to act like ghosts.

This is a big creepy.

This is also a bit creepy, because I can spell.


Prodigy – Baby’s Got A Temper

I go from a song with “psychiatrist” in the title to a song with “temper” in the title. Oh dear.

The first 40 seconds sounds like a circus tune…oh, now the singer is yelling at me.


Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

What a juxtaposition. Fatboy Slim. Slimboy Fat is what we all are after a holiday meal, right?

This is a good sporting event pump up song.

The music video looks like something I could have made in Grade 11 Comm Tech class.

It’s like I’m watching an episode of Scooby-Doo. Everyone just keeps running to the right. One endless hallway.


Underworld – Born Slippy

WOAH. I haven’t heard this song in ages.

Used to have this song on my Windows Media Player playlist about 10 years ago. Eventually deleted it because it got boring.

Yeah, Windows Media Player. Feel old.

Alright, this video is with clips from the movie Trainspotting.

A guy pops a squat on a toilet in the dirtiest stall you can find. Halfway through, he pulls up his pants, turns around and starts digging through the toilet with his hands.

I’m gagging.


Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You

It’s important to never stray too far from the sidewalk. Somebody taught Kelly this.

“My heart can’t possibly break when it wasn’t even whole to start with.” BURN.

This is a heartbreaking music video. Lots of tears. And lots of images of a sad little girl.

Wow, the Dad just left the family and took his luggage. The little girl is crushed. Nooooo.


Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

I’m a bit bothered that I’ve been stuck in the modern music area of YouTube for so long.

Classic Eminem song. Rapping his feelings while waving his arms frantically.


Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know

If you can sing, like being naked, and like body paint…I’m sorry but this music video has already been made and you missed your opportunity.

You didn’t have to cut me off. Make it like it never happened and we were nothing. Yada yada yada… you treat me like a stranger and it feels so rough. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know. BOOM!


Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

It’s weird listening to the entire song when I’m so used to hearing only pieces of it in commercials.

Pumped up kicks are shoes that are really expensive. Google says so. Now you I know. And now you know.


Coldplay – Yellow

This is a song targeted at a very specific demographic – people that like the colour yellow.

I don’t know many people who say yellow is their favourite colour.


The Cranberries – Zombie

Never heard of this song. I like Cranberry juice. Does that count?

Not my type of jingle, but 218 million views say I’m in a minority.


Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch

Five guys are dressed in monkey costumes. At least I think they’re monkey costumes.

Oh, this is an inappropriate song. I should’ve known.


Eiffel 65 – Blue

Ohhhhhhh yesssssss.

I’m blue, if I were green I would die, if I were green I would die, if I were green I would die.

That’s what I thought this song was saying for my entire childhood. NOPE.

This music video came out and I thought it was a real game changer. I mean, they had animated aliens. Blue ones!

“I have a blue house with a blue window.” Well, I would hope so. Can’t have a blue house with a white window. The song is called BLUE.

I want to know what was going through the mind of the person who came up with these lyrics. They’re brilliant, but so far out there.

And to think I was just listening to a song called “Yellow” a short while ago.

Let’s write a song about the colour green!

“I’m green, where have you been, I’m already a teen, I’m green where have you beeeeeen?”


I can’t listen to anymore. I need to end with this song. I have to. Nothing will top it.

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2 Responses to Live Blogging: Music Videos II

  1. Love the song choice btw, with the “somebody I used to
    Know” try singing these lyrics with it
    “You can get addicted to a certain kind of sandwich” trust me you’ll die… At least I did! Next song you should listen to is stop and stare from one republic! 🙂 yay music!!

    Liked by 1 person

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