Where Does The Time Go?

I’m convinced the older I get, the faster time flies. As if clocks are moving at the pace of a cheetah with a jet-pack strapped on it’s back. That’s quite the image, isn’t it?

Everything feels like “just yesterday.” For instance, it feels like just yesterday I was opening presents next to a Christmas tree. It feels like just yesterday was any year other than 2015. It feels like just yesterday was April Fools’ Day and the naiveté of society was showcased.

You get the point.

The concept of time is weird. It’s like adults live on a different clock than children. As if seconds tick away two at a time for us, while children enjoy the spoils of one second intervals.

When I was in Elementary School, standing up in front of the class to deliver a speech was at the top of everyone’s “I hate this so much” list. And to make matters worse, each speech had to be 3-5 minutes long!

I’m telling you, 3-5 minutes felt like an eternity. I always feared my speech would be too short. I would practice reading it and would clock in between 3:30 and 4 minutes, and then assume I would be talking faster while in front of the class.

That would deduct about 20 seconds from the time. Great, I hit three minutes, I won’t be deducted marks. That was my thinking, and probably everyone else’s. It was never, “Oh no, I have more than five minutes of material prepared.”

How long is three minutes, really? It’s shorter than your favourite song. Yet when you’re a kid standing in front of the class making a speech, it feels like three hours.

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on your sweater already (Mom’s spaghetti), you’re nervous, but on the surface you look calm and ready to drop knowledge on your classmates who would rather not listen to a thing you have to say.

Most of that last paragraph was brought to you by Eminem.

In High School you get bumped up to twenty minute presentations, which seem like death served on a silver platter.

In University, presentations could be as long as an hour. But by then, time is moving faster. Remember what I said earlier? The clock moves two seconds at a time for adults. So an hour is really only 30 minutes. And 30 minutes is only 10 more minutes than what you did in High School. Piece of cake.

Mmm Cake.

I don’t know what it is that makes time go by so fast. Perhaps it’s all the technology around us. When was the last time someone was bored for an entire day?

Go on the Internet. Watch videos. Netflix. Listen to music. Look at your phone. Take 47 selfies of yourself. Delete 46 selfies of yourself. Nap. Eat. Run. Look at your phone again. Do homework. Read. Write. Creep your friends on social media. Look at your phone again.
Water the lawn.

There are just so many things to do and so many of them are technology driven.

As a 90s kid, there is a certain pride that comes with growing up in that era. I have never heard a 90s kid refer to that decade in anything but a positive light.

We didn’t have technology in our pockets. We didn’t have the Internet to waste time on. We didn’t have cellphones that did anything other than call someone.

Who were we gonna call? Ghostbusters!

We went outside. We enjoyed the day. Everything moved slowly.

Then again, I was a kid. Time moved so slowly back then. One school day seemed like it would never end. A fifteen minute recess felt like an eternity.

Heck, we had intramural games during a 15 minute recess. Dock 3-5 minutes for set-up, and we played intramurals in the gym for 10 minutes. 10 minutes! It felt like so long at the time. Sooooo long.

I realized, as I grew up, I became more conscious of time. Like before I went to sleep in University I would always calculate how many hours of sleep I would get in, before I had to wake up. It was regularly around four hours. Four hours felt like five minutes.

Six years ago at this time I was still in High School. HIGH SCHOOL. Within those six years it feels like an entirely different lifetime has taken place. A new set of friends. A new place to call home. A new world.

Six years ago feels like twenty years ago. But those six years feel like six months, which feels like a lifetime. Keeping up? I know, math doesn’t make sense anymore.

It’s hard to cherish the present, when the present only lasts for one second. Think about it, we are constantly leaving the present and living in the future.

People say, “Live in the moment.” Well, your so called “moment” is one second. Tell me to live in the “week” or “month” or “year” or “twelve-minute interval” and then maybe we’ll be a bit more accurate.

It’s scary to think that six years ago I had to ask someone permission to go to the washroom, yet in six years I’ll be thirty-years-old.

My heart just stopped. Please standby.



It’s beating again. Barely.

Life happens fast. I wish I could live life at the pace a child lives life, while still being an adult. Because it’s evident that once you cross that line from child to adult, your foot presses down on the gas peddle.

No wonder children don’t drive.

This is a plea to whomever is in charge of the pace of the clock. Slow it down, please. I’m a sports fan and it’s getting weird cheering for players that are four years younger than me. It makes me feel old and I want it to stop.

Thanks for your time

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3 Responses to Where Does The Time Go?

  1. This makes me wish I could run out of gas. This piece just went zoom, zoom, zoom.

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  2. Trust me. I know the feeling. One minute I was 20, and then somehow managed to get to 25. I don’t know how that happen 😦

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