It’s Never Too Soon For Dessert

I’ll preface this post with the following: I’m not a big fan of dessert. I like the traditional desserts: cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, nanaimo bars, and ice cream. I’m sure I missed a few. But to say that I care about dessert more than I care about actual food, like pizza and chips, would be a lie.

Yes, pizza and chips are my examples of “actual food.”

I don’t crave dessert to the level that others do. That’s just me.

All that being said, when I’m at a buffet, all bets are off.

A lot of people avoid the dessert section of a buffet until they go up for their final plate. I guess most people are traditionalists. They wait until the end of the meal to get dessert because that’s just the way things work.

That’s how kids grow up, isn’t it? “Eat your broccoli, and then you can have pudding.” Oh, that’s another thing I like: pudding.

So we grow up in a world where we’re told to wait until the end of the meal to have dessert. It’s almost like a reward.

One thing I’ve noticed though – and maybe you have too – is at buffets, there is nothing preventing you from putting dessert items on your plate at any time.

There is no barbed wire. No alarm. No chain link fence. No gate. No security guard. Nothing. You can pick up a dessert with tiny tongs and put it on your plate whenever you want.

What a world we live in!

Therefore, I start putting dessert on my plate as early as the first time I go up for food. Now, I’m not talking about anything big. Maybe I’ll put a small brownie or a nanaimo bar on my plate, which is already full of other hot foods. The dessert just sits on the corner of the plate (there are no corners on a circular plate, I KNOW) and doesn’t bother anyone.

Yet sometimes, friends will notice the dessert and call me crazy for getting dessert so soon. I just think they’re jealous they didn’t do it.

Out of about three to four plates of a nice wholesome meal, I may get one dessert on about two or three of them. And then I go up for a plate devoted to dessert.

But like I said at the beginning, I’m not a big dessert person. And at this point of the meal, I’m already so full because that’s what all-you-can-shove-in-your-face (or something like that) buffets do to you.

So normally my last plate consists of watermelon and one or two small desserts. Nothing big. Nothing excessive. Sometimes I even put salad on the plate, or sausage. Does it really matter?

I think it’s a pretty strategic way to eat dessert. From experience, if I wait until the final plate to get all the desserts I want, I won’t have space in my stomach for them. I’ll be too full and then miss out on something.

And I’m not about to sit there with five desserts on my plate and hurl them down my throat just because it’s time for dessert and I’ve been staring at them for the past hour.

Eat dessert while you’re still hungry, not when you’re forced to. There is nothing worse than sitting at home three hours later and regretting you didn’t eat something because you were too full.

That’s why sneaking one dessert onto my plate, throughout my meal, makes sense to me.

There is no order that you must follow. This isn’t a sit-down restaurant.

If restaurants didn’t want you to eat dessert until the end of your meal, why do they make sure the dessert station is perfectly set up for opening? The food is just going to sit there for an hour before someone touches it, right?

So go touch it when you go up for your first plate. There really is no excuse, unless you prefer dessert to be your final course. If that’s your preference, then I can’t change you. I can just tell you there is nothing to be ashamed of by sneaking a dessert onto a plate of pasta and calamari.

It’s never to soon for dessert. Remember that.

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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9 Responses to It’s Never Too Soon For Dessert

  1. Dessert first!! Always dessert first! Especially at buffets! .. Btw.. I think pizza is growing on me… Sooo bad 😥 mid life crisis!

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  2. Chocolate dessert…that is all…

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