Live Blogging: March Madness

Alright, let me set the scene. I’m watching Notre Dame vs. Butler in the 3rd round of March Madness.

There is 9:27 left in the game.
Butler – 47
Notre Dame – 41

I have nothing else to do, and since my last live blogging post seemed to be a hit, I thought I’d do this again.

Okay let’s start.

It’s a commercial.

Wow, great start to this live blog.

True story: When March Madness started on Thursday, I woke up singing the March Madness theme song that CBS plays.

I literally went from asleep, to singing, in 0.5 seconds. Beat that!

I don’t know if singing is the term I’m looking for.

It was more like me saying: do-do-do-doo-do-doo-doo-doo. Hope I got my “do’s” in the right spot.

Does that make sense? Look it up on YouTube: March Madness CBS theme song.

The game is back on.

I guess I’ll cheer for Butler since they are the 6th seed and Notre Dame is the 3rd seed. I’ll cheer for the underdog…or in this case…the BULLDOGS.

Haha get it? Butler Bulldogs…underdogs…

These kids have so much energy. I’m getting winded.


This tournament is all about free throws.


Oh look, a Wendy’s commercial.

You know what I hate about fast-food commercials? Don’t guess, I’ll tell you. It’s that the food looks perfect. The burger looks like it was put together ever so delicately. And you can see every single layer of the burger. Isn’t that unrealistic? Normally the top of the bun is pushed down, so you can’t really see inside and every condiment comes oozing out the sides and eventually gets all over your hands and then you have to struggle to reach a napkin because you didn’t expect to need one so quickly.


Thank goodness, the game is back. 8 minutes left. Notre Dame down 5.

Notre Dame for threeeeeeeee.

I have a love/hate relationship with the 35 second shot clock. It’s way too much time, but because it’s 35 seconds it’s kind of comical.

Notre Dame just knocked down two free throws. I told you free throws were important!


Notre Dame is hulking up right now. These Fighting Irish are really fighting.

Notre Dame passing the ball around because they have 35 seconds to do something and ohhhhhh an easy back door layup!

Notre Dame up by 2. Six minutes left.

Butler hasn’t scored since I started this. Oops, my bad.


I should live blog commercials sometime. And a blog post idea was born…

Let’s go Bulldogs…clap clap clap clap clap.


Notre Dame with another easy layup. Back up by 1.

Guys, this is intense!

Reese’s is a sponsor? No way! Nothing goes together like basketball and digging your teeth into chocolate and peanut butter. Yum.

Number 30 for Notre Dame with a big rebound put back. Notre Dame up by 3.

Come on, Butler. Don’t let me jinx you.

Time out.

You know the phrase, “The Butler did it”? Well in this case, the Butler ain’t doing squat.

That was a weak joke, I know. Hopefully someone laughed.



Note: I’m really not as excited as the capital letters make me sound.

Notre Dame with the answer! I didn’t even know there was a question.

Irish up 3.


2:44 left ahhhhhhh

Shout-out to the cheerleaders and cameramen sitting on the baseline with their legs crossed for two and a half hours. Mine would fall asleep after a half hour.

Under two minutes. Still tied at 55. TIME OUT.

I’m really scared to scroll up and read how this is going to turn out. It’s probably horrendous.

And we’re back.

And we’re back to commercial.

Riveting stuff here, folks. Hold on to your hats.

Under one minute. Still tied!

Notre Dame….OUT OF BOUNDS.

Who’s ball is it? Everyone point in opposite directions!

Slow motion replay time. Yes!

Oh that’s off of the Irish.

Spoiler alert: the ball was off #32 of the Irish.

Told you.

Butler ball.

Don’t get a half court violation……..good you got across.


Butler gets the ball out of bounds.

TIME OUT. 20 seconds left.

This might be my worst post yet. What a terrible idea. I’ll post it anyway.

This game will come down to free throws, just watch.

Butler holding for last shot.




I’m not ready for this to go to overtime.

Okay, so we’ve had three timeouts while the clock has been at two seconds.


Notre Dame with a HUGE block out of bounds to end regulation.

Oh wait, they’re putting 0.6 seconds on the clock. SO MUCH TIME.

And we’re off to overtime.

To be quite honest, I kind of just want to watch overtime without having to miss half of it by typing. And, this post is already longer than I anticipated.

Sooooo I’m going to end this post with a cliffhanger!

Edit: Notre Dame won the game.

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14 Responses to Live Blogging: March Madness

  1. Another good one Paul. And blogging commercials—seriously good idea, nice to read your commentary on them. I understand your reason to not post during OT … game was great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omg, this is too long, lol. I’ll read it later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      It’s 3:41am and I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if you’re being serious or kidding. Therefore, I’ve created two responses, one for each situation.

      If you’re serious: Sorry it’s too long, but thanks for wanting to come back later to read it, but sorry it’s too long. (Classic Canadian reply).

      If you’re kidding: I now have vocabuphobia, which is a fear of blog posts being too long or too short. (Yes, I made the word vocabuphobia up. I think.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • OMG, I didn’t think my response would lead you to overanalyze it! I was serious but in a light-hearted way. I try and read everybody’s blog, but it was getting late, and yours was really long, and I wanted to wait until I had time to read it properly. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paul says:

        haha no worries! I was tired too and wasn’t really thinking…I guess that’s why I write most of my blogs in the middle of the night. Weird stuff comes out at that time.


  3. Reading this over lunch. Wanted to get fries because of your ketchup controversy but opted for something healthier (soup and sandwich) because I already hashbrowns from A&W this morning for breakfast, ha! But I’m commenting because I wanted to see if you were aware that all food in commercials is fake. Next time you see cereal on TV, remember that the milk is glue.

    Although, this video from McDonald’s is quite interesting – they use real food, and it directly answers your question about the burgers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      GLUE? Wow I’ll never look at a cereal commercial the same ever again. I guess I knew some food in commercials was fake, but not to this extent. Really cool video…now I want McDonald’s.

      By the way, A&W changed it’s fries a few months/years(?) ago and I haven’t gotten them since. They taste very rustic and almost overcooked. Their old fries were great I’m not sure why they changed them.


  4. The Chirping Canary says:

    Here I am, yet again, binge-reading your posts-wait for it-WHILE I’M SICK! This seems to be a pattern…

    Liked by 1 person

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