Blessing in Disguise?

DeMar DeRozan slipped on a wet spot on the floor last night and went down in a heap. The arena went silent. Oh no, there goes our magical season. DeRozan left the game and did not return.

Today it was revealed that DeRozan tore his left adductor longus tendon. I’m no doctor, but that sounds painful. He is out indefinitely.

Some fans are panicking. I suppose that is the natural reaction to something like this. DeRozan is one of the best players on the Toronto Raptors. How will this effect their season? Why do the basketball Gods hate us?

Basically I’ve read some very panicky things today.

First things first, the Raptors are making the playoffs. The Raptors are still in line to win their division, unless something drastic happens.

I don’t think there is any reason to panic right now. By all accounts, DeRozan could be back within a month. And if he’s not, he will be ready to go by the time playoffs roll around.

Personally, I think this could be a blessing in disguise. Yes, you never want to see one of your best players get hurt. But, this could allow other players a chance to step up out of their shell.

Danny Granger was lost for a season in Indiana and Paul George took over and turned into a superstar. He made Granger expendable by the time he returned.

This year, Perry Jones was taking advantage of playing time with Kevin Durant out. Jones finally looked like the top prospect many people thought he was many years ago. Granted, it didn’t last too long before he went down with injury. But the point is, he stepped up when given the chance.

I think this is the time for Terrence Ross to finally step up. It’s his third season in the NBA, and up until this point, he has not been given the spotlight.

If Ross had a bad night, it was okay. The team didn’t need him to have a good night in order to win. Sure, it would be nice, but it wasn’t essential.

I don’t know what they plan to do with the starting lineup. My guess is they move Ross to shooting guard and start James Johnson at small forward, but I could be wrong. They may go with Lou Williams at shooting guard and keep Ross at small forward, but I think they like Williams off the bench too much.

Regardless, Ross has the opportunity to finally break out without DeRozan around. If he can, the Raptors will be better off in the long run.

Ross would give them another legitimate scoring option when the playoffs roll around, rather than just an athletic wing player who hangs out behind the three-point line. He can still do that, but if he can do more, other teams will have to worry about him.

Don’t panic, this could help make everyone else on the team a little bit better and confident. That will be huge come playoff time.

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2 Responses to Blessing in Disguise?

  1. adductor longus tendon tear is not pleasant at all! Depending on the grade of the tear. possible surgery and a lot of rehab required 😦


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