99 Thoughts That (May) Run Through A Blogger’s Mind

1. What do I write about next?
2. Nope, not that.
3. Not that.
4. Not that, either.
5. It’s been a week since my last post.
6. I should write something.
7. I’ll write a post just to say hello to my followers.
8. It’s a cop out, but they must know I’m still alive.
9. Let’s do it.
10. Ah, who am I kidding? No one cares.
11. It’s been two weeks since my last post.
12. I need to write something.
13. Anything.
14. Maybe I’ll write about having nothing to write about.
15. Yeah, that’s a good one!
16. People will relate and stuff.
17. Damn, I don’t even know how to write about not knowing what to write about.
18. Ooo Netflix.
19. I’ll write about Netflix.
20. I’ll use the term “binge watching” about 13 times.
21. No, that’s overdone.
22. Three weeks without a blog post.
23. I should really check-in with my followers.
24. They miss me.
25. They think I’m dead.
26. That’s my next title: “I’M ALIVE!”
27. No, that’s weird.
28. I’ll ask my friends what I should write about.
29. Their ideas were awful.
30. Do they even blog?
31. Why am I getting new followers?
32. My statistics page says I have 0 views today.
33. But I have 3 new followers.
34. Are they not even reading my blog before they follow me?
35. Are they even a real person?
36. I’m going to read their blog.
37. Nope, they aren’t a real person.
38. Sigh.
39. I want to be Freshly Pressed.
40. No, that won’t happen.
41. 22 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes, 2 seconds since my last post.
43. Now I need a title.
44. That’s not catchy enough.
45. That’s too long.
46. Perfect.
47. Intriguing introduction.
48. Oh, this post is going to be good.
49. Look out Internet.
50. This may break the Internet.
51. That conclusion was perfect.
52. It linked back to the introduction.
53. I hope someone notices that.
54. No one will notice that.
55. Add tags.
56. Check the box that says: “This post is super-awesome”
57. This post is super-awesome.
58. Publish.
59. I hope no one is unintentionally offended, somehow.
60. Post on social media.
61. I hope people read it.
62. I hope people like it.
63. I hope people tell me they read it and liked it.
64. Two minutes pass by.
65. My statistics page must be broken.
66. It says no one has read my post.
68. How’s that possible?
69. How could they read that in just three minutes?
70. It must be a robot.
71. It can’t be a real person.
72. Great, fake people are not reading my post and liking it.
73. Is anyone out there?
74. I should step away from the computer.
75. I’ll go away and come back in an hour.
76. Only 4 views?
77. But it’s been an hour!
78. The world is missing out.
79. I’m going to read my post again.
80. Yup, the world is missing out.
81. Well, I tried.
82. Wait.
83. WAIT.
84. There’s a comment?
86. Thank you, person on the other side of the world.
87. I’ll go read your blog now.
88. One day has passed since my last post.
89. It doesn’t matter if no one reads it, I do this for me.
90. HAHA
91. Who am I kidding?
92. I want people to read my posts.
93. I want feedback.
94. I don’t have to post anything for a few days now, at least.
95. It’s been a week.
96. What do I write about next?
97. Nope, not that.
98. Not that.
99. Not that, either.

About Paul

I think of my blog as an all-you-can-read buffet. There's something for everyone and complimentary mints at the door as you leave.
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12 Responses to 99 Thoughts That (May) Run Through A Blogger’s Mind

  1. Are you mocking me? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. markbialczak says:

    I read all 99 Paul, and last time I checked, I have a heart beat and was still classified as a real person. 🙂

    A bit blocked these days, are you?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you just described my life. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this!


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  5. Squid says:

    Way. Too. True.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jess says:

    I nearly choked on my apple reading, “People will relate and stuff.” I don’t have a celeb status on WordPress such as yourself, so I still deal with this every single time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paul says:

      “Celeb status” hahaha I’m just a peasant like the rest of you. I’ve completely given up on trying to post things I think other people will like, though. It’s more like, “here it is, go read it”.


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