Are We Supposed To Tweet Forever?

I woke up yesterday and deleted my Snapchat account from my phone. It wasn’t a premeditated act. I didn’t go back and forth for a week pondering the decision. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. It was a spur of the moment decision. I simply woke up and realized I didn’t need it anymore. So, I deleted it.

I got Snapchat in January because it was the “thing to do” when you get a new phone. I was never really addicted to it like most of the population. By June, I was already tired of it. I don’t think I’ve sent out a “snap” since then. Sure, I received “snaps” from the 5 friends on my list, I just never replied. Sorry, guys.

Yeah, I had 5 friends on there. Shows how much I really cared about that App in the first place.

In today’s society, I’m pretty sure that deleting Snapchat is a rebellious act and I’ll be put on a “watch list” of some sort very shortly.

This got me thinking, where is the social media world headed?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and on, and on, and on. Even throw texting into that mix. Where are we going with all of these things?

Social media has a vise grip on people, my generation in particular. This is what we are known for.

We are known for holding a phone three feet in front of our face and taking a picture.

We are known for hashtags.

We are known for Facebook statuses.

We are known for texting, not calling.

We are known for adding filters to pictures because heaven-forbid a picture looks like how we took it.

We are known for looking down at our phones because we don’t want to look up at other people who are also looking down at their phones.

Isn’t this all a bit embarrassing?

Seriously, is this how the rest of our lives are going to be?

Are we supposed to tweet forever?

Are my thoughts only allowed to be a certain number of characters because reading three complete sentences is just too much to ask?

What happened to word limits that I had a love-hate relationship with in school? Now there are character limits?

Are we supposed to keep scrolling and liking, scrolling and liking, scrolling and liking?

We take on the roles of both sides of the camera, for we are the photographer as well as the photographed. There is no going back.

I mean, seriously. Sit back and think about what we’re doing here.

I can’t even remember what I did with my spare time 6 years ago. I didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything. I had a flip phone with an antenna. Remember those?

Don’t be fooled, this post isn’t about saying social media is terrible. This post is merely asking the question, are we in this social media world for the long haul? And if we are, when, if at all, will we get tired of it? When will people get tired of taking pictures of themselves just so they can post it online and see how many “likes” it will get?

I don’t hate Facebook.

I don’t hate Twitter.

I don’t hate texting. Though lately I’ve made an effort to text less. I just don’t feel like being glued to a bunch of conversations all day. Nothing personal, it’s just tiresome.

I’m not saying “put your phone down”. I’m not saying “look up.” There are videos on YouTube for that. I’m not saying quit these social media platforms. I’m not telling you what to do.

I’m just curious as to how we will interact with each other 2, 5, 10, 20 years from now. I’m also interested in preventing social media from defining who we really are and how we act.

To the people of my generation, is this what we want to be known for? Do we want to walk amongst our elders, while looking down at a screen? Do we want to sit on a train and take selfies with the person next us, while grandparents stare across at us like we’re delinquents? Sure, you may not care about what people think of you (In fact, I know you don’t care because YOLO, right?).

When I’m on the subway, I try to behave the exact opposite of what the people around me expect from a person my age. I don’t pull my phone out. I don’t have earbuds in my ears. I don’t take pictures of myself. I just sit there on the train. And if my actions, or lack thereof, gain back some points for my generation, then mission accomplished. At this point, we have a large deficit.

Maybe caring about how my generation is perceived is a waste of time. To me, it isn’t.

Call me crazy.

Actually, call me whatever you want. You’re behind a keyboard, after all.

But back to the initial question, will we be tweeting forever? Maybe. YOU might not be on Twitter, but others are. That’s where people get their information. That’s where I get information. Is this how it will be forever? I can’t wait to find out.

Social media is great, just don’t let it define you because it will probably be here for the rest of your life and I think it would be cool if everyone made an effort to be known as something more than a selfie taking, status making, earbud wearing, link sharing individual that spends their time with their head down trying to make their online friend count go up.

I woke up yesterday and deleted my Snapchat account from my phone.

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9 Responses to Are We Supposed To Tweet Forever?

  1. wingedprisms says:

    What a great article Paul! I love technology and I was born in the 1950s – but I like face to face and to hear voices talking to me – not in my head 😉 – I think social media has increased a loneliness in people . I don’t think they have all realized that yet……


  2. I am so embarrassed by my snapchat usage haha. And my Facebook usage. Oh I’ll just stop here haha. I guess I use both because people are so busy these days and I like updating them quickly. But no that’s not a good excuse- I wish I had guts to delete like you did! Great post 🙂


    • Paul says:

      You keep doing what you’re doing until it starts to bother you. Maybe challenge yourself to go one day without snapchat just to see what happens haha. Glad you liked the post!


  3. Little Rants says:

    Snapchat sucks bananas. I’m glad you chucked it. I gotta stop saying “sucks bananas”.

    Liked by 1 person

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