What Is Valentine’s Day, Exactly?

Valentine’s Day is a touchy subject, literally and figuratively. To some, it’s a day to spend with the special person in their life. To others, it’s a day to sit on the couch in pyjamas, watch television, and eat cereal out of the box for breakfast and a tub of ice cream for lunch and dinner. To me, it’s just another day. I’ll probably be forced to eat those words in the future.

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day was a hit. Kids would bring in cupcakes, candy, cookies, chips, and anything else that could give us cavities. On top of this, everyone in the class exchanged cards. Essentially, everyone was everyone’s Valentine. This sounds weird, but that’s elementary school – innocent children who have no clue what’s going on around them. Ah, the good ‘ol days.

Then all of a sudden everyone grows up, boys and girls no longer have cooties, and the world is divided on a holiday that is about a half-naked baby named Cupid, who shoots arrows at people. This sounds dangerous and painful. No wonder they say, “love hurts”.

I’m writing this at 3AM and I’m already anticipating the status updates wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, with multiple exclamation marks and probably a few hearts. How cute. I’m also expecting to see people post about how they are single, or they hate what this day represents. All day, I get to witness people send indirect verbal jabs at members on the other side of the fence. I literally cannot wait. If this were a playground, someone would be chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Since I’m on this topic, shouldn’t people say: “Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate!” rather than the generic “Happy Valentine’s Day!”?

Think about it.

Heaven forbid we say “Merry Christmas” to a large group of people. We’ve all been programmed to add the “…to those who celebrate” part. Better yet, we just say “Happy Holidays!”

People are offended so easily these days I’m surprised no one has spoken out on this politically incorrect holiday greeting.

I always hear the argument that Valentine’s Day is just for stores to make money. Specifically, the ones that sell jewellery, flowers, and chocolates. Oh, and Hallmark Cards. I don’t understand this argument. If these stores need this special day to make money, then I question their business model. I mean, we are only a month and a few weeks removed from Christmas and Boxing Day. Don’t tell me these stores are already counting nickels (we no longer have pennies in Canada, so the old phrase no longer works). I’m sure they raised prices around Christmas/”the holidays” and made a fortune. And don’t tell me that Hallmark needs this day to sell cards, either. Every day of the year is a holiday. That’s the beauty of birthdays. Birthday cards are always in demand. Always.

Conversely, I don’t understand why people feel the need to buy these things just because the calendar says so. Why can’t you buy flowers for someone on an ordinary day? Why do you have to wait for the day when everyone else is doing it? Ah, just answered my own question. “Everyone else is doing it”. That, and no one wants to look cheap and disappoint their significant other. Okay, I’ll accept that.

So what about the single people? The people that retweet things on Twitter that suggest they are lonely and disappointed to have no one with which to share such an unimportant day. Maybe this is just me being me, but I don’t understand why people get so down on themselves for being “alone” on Valentine’s Day. I mean, you were “alone” yesterday and didn’t make it public knowledge. Why must you tell us today? And if you’re embarrassed or saddened by it, why would you want others to know? Maybe it’s a subliminal message to someone via social media? I have no idea. People are hard to understand.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone forever and forced to eat cereal without milk for the rest of your life. That would be horrid. It just means that you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. That last sentence was brought to you by, U2.

To the people reading this: if you’re with someone today, I can understand the expectations you feel pressured into meeting. You’re off the hook.

To the single people out there, you can’t say you hate this holiday and then complain about being alone for it. That makes you a hypocrite.

So pick a side, or stay neutral. Step back from it all and don’t get warped into thinking that this one day defines you and whether or not you are destined to live a life by yourself with a bunch of pets to keep you company.

Besides, what’s so bad about sitting in front of the television and eating all day? It’s basically the same thing we do on Thanksgiving.

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5 Responses to What Is Valentine’s Day, Exactly?

  1. LOL! I loved this! I may not be single, but I don’t care for Valentines day. I’m doing absolutely NOTHING today and that’s the way I like it! šŸ™‚ except working… Sadly I have to do that lol. Besides, Valentines Day is a day for me to love Everyone without looking creepy šŸ˜‰ LOL happy v day Paul! šŸ˜€


  2. Haha this made me laugh Paul! I pretended I was little again and passed out Valentines to all my friends on Valentine’s Day lol…. It was better than moping about my newly single life šŸ™‚


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