A Day Off From Sports

This is the worst week of the year for sports. It’s the MLB All-Star break. NHL and NBA free agency has fizzled out. Toronto FC plays a game tonight. In other words, there is nothing going on in the sports world!

So, here is a blog with random thoughts on everything but sports. I’ll see how far I get before I run out of thoughts. Enjoy.

1. I love you, air conditioning.

2. Deleting songs from my iTunes playlist was harder than I thought, but sometimes you just gotta hit delete and not look back.

3. Whose Line Is It Anyways returned last night. I thought I was quick-witted…these comedians are off the charts.

4. I said this was a list about everything but sports. Looks like I lied. The Raptors just signed D.J. Augustin to be their backup point guard next season. I mentioned in Bringing The Raptors Back To Life that the Raptors should target him. Looks like the Raptors’ management team reads my blog.

5. I’ve always been a fan of plain cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. It’s always a disappointment when I take a bite out of a burger and find condiments in there. How much clearer do I have to be when I say: “plain cheeseburger.”

6. The same people who complain about the heat also complain about how cold it is in the Winter.

7. Radio shows on television are a friendly reminder to us that we no longer have the patience to sit by a radio and just listen. We must watch.

8. The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune: the best two game shows on TV. If Who Wants To Be A Millionaire didn’t change its format, it would be included in this list.

9. Interesting Facebook statuses are hard to come by these days. I bet things will pick up again when school starts and people have something to complain about – yeah, that’s about right.

10. Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen are great food shows. Gordon Ramsay is on both – not a coincidence.

11. The Big Brother house seems like a very boring place to live. No electronics. No books. No nothing. Just food and a backyard. Mmm food…

12. Italian buffets are the best.

13. I’m currently half way through Season 6 of Dexter. Season 8 is currently on TV. Trying hard not to find spoilers online.

That’s it for this edition. Maybe I’ll do another non-sports post again some time.

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